Best Vocabulary Books for IELTS 2023

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Best Vocabulary Books for IELTS
Best Vocabulary Books for IELTS

A good vocabulary must be one of your goals if you want to ace a good band score on the IELTS test. Building a good vocabulary doesn’t mean learning the words and their meanings but also using them in your conversation as well.

Students who are going to give the IELTS exam or are preparing for the exam can find the study material or the best books for IELTS vocabulary online. The main question is that is there any books for the IELTS Vocabulary? The answer is Yes there are many books available for the preparation of the exam.

In the below-mentioned article, the students preparing for the IELTS Vocabulary will get to know the top 11 best books for the IELTS Vocabulary and the preparation tips for the IELTS Vocabulary.

Top 11 Best Vocabulary Books for IELTS

The students who are going to appear for the IELTS exam and are preparing for the exam must know the best Vocabulary books for the IELTS. Below are the top 11 vocabulary books:

Collins Vocabulary for IELTS

This vocabulary book for IELTS comes with a CD and is divided into 20 units. The vocabulary covered in this book is applicable to all four sections which are Listening, Speaking, writing and reading. Each unit in the book contains activities which will help the students to build their vocabulary. There is also a practice test at the end of each unit adapted according to the actual IELTS exam.

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4000 English Words

The 4000 English Words is a 6 books series which aims to build vocabulary by focusing on the 4000 words that are frequently asked in the IELTS exam from beginner to advanced level. Each unit in each book contains 20 words in addition to sample sentences showing their proper use. At the end of each unit, it also features a short story with all the words used for an in-depth understanding of their use. 

English Vocabulary in Use

The book is a series of vocabulary training books that differ from basic/beginner to advanced. The book series is published by Cambridge University Press. There is a specific format which involves giving the vocabulary on the left-hand page and practice questions on the right side of the page. 

IELTS Vocabulary Booster

This book contains all the important vocabulary which is required for the IELTS exam. The book is a collection of 500 words which are frequently used in the IELTS exam to score a band of 7 and above.

Check your English Vocabulary for IELTS

This is a must-have book for a non-English speaker who wants to gain command in the IELTS preparation, especially in the writing section. The book has an amazing structure and instead of providing a list of words it will help to build your vocabulary through simple exercises.

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IELTS Vocabulary 

This book is one of the best books for English vocabulary by This book contains idioms, exercises, a glossary, phrasal verbs, and sample essays for each topic. These topics very commonly appear in the IELTS Test. This new ebook will help you to learn new words, idioms and phrasal verbs and will help to understand the usage of words in the writing sections. 

Barron’s Essential Words for IELTS

This book is important for students who are preparing for the IELTS exam. The book consists of comprehensive practice in building the student’s vocabulary and correct usage in conversation. The book consists of a vast list of 600 words which are frequently asked in the exam. The words are related to the popular categories which are tourism, nature, the environment, art, hobbies, and social issues.

IELTS Band 9 Vocab Secrets

This book is published by the Cambridge IELTS Consultants and has 10 vocabulary topics including education and schooling, work and careers, art and traditions, children and families, and global challenges. Each topic has a terminology and sample academic writing task related to that topic. In each module lies a band 9 model essay showing the correct usage of all the words discussed in all the modules. 

Oxford Word Skills 

The Oxford Word Skills is a three-level vocabulary course with books and also has corresponding CDs to help the students with listening and pronunciation.

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS

This book is a self-study guide for students who are appearing for the IELTS exam and want to score a band of 6.5 and above. This book also has a CD to help students improve their listening skills. Apart from just listing new words these are introduced through reading and listening exercises which are similar to the IELTS exam.

Vocabulary Building Series

This book is written by Betty Kirkpatrick and holds 4 volumes. These 4 books concentrate on common words and expressions whose meanings are unsure and are overused. The book one and two focuses on using common words in the English Language. Books three and four focus on helping students build on the knowledge they gained in books 1 and 2 politeness, expressions and cliches.

Preparation Tips for IELTS Vocabulary

The students who will be appearing for the IELTS Vocabulary must start preparing according to the exam pattern and the types of questions asked during the exam. Below mentioned are the preparation tips for the IELTS Vocabulary:

  • Candidates should focus on good study habits. Try to Read, Listen and Speak English at every opportunity.
  • Add more words to the IELTS Vocabulary.
  • Focus on the topics which are covered in the IELTS Speaking section.
  • Try to focus on the word form, pronunciation and its uses.


Which part of IELTS is most difficult?

The  IELTS Writing is the hardest part of IELTS.

Which books are better for IELTS Vocabulary?

The best books for IELTS Vocabulary are Check Your English Vocabulary for IELTS, Oxford word skills, IELTS Vocabulary Booster, Vocabulary Building Series, and Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS.

How much vocabulary is enough for IELTS?

The candidates must have a collection of around 6000 to 7000 most used vocabulary words as an IELTS Vocabulary.

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