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Super Visa Rejection Reasons

Do you want to travel to Canada? and would like to learn more about how to apply for a super visa. However, it entails the obligation to fulfill strict entrance conditions, especially when requesting a visiting visa. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) thoroughly assesses every application to make sure all rules are followed. Regretfully, there may be several reasons why certain applications are turned down. To increase your chances of having your visa application approved, you must comprehend these factors. 

Brief About Super Visa 

The super visa was introduced in Canada as a unique kind of visiting visa that permits parents and grandparents of citizens and permanent residents of Canada to remain in the country for a maximum of two years without having to reapply for status. Families get a great chance to spend valuable time together.

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What are the Super Visa Rejection Reasons

  • Inadequate Financial Support: Applicants must get financial support from their Canadian-born child or grandchildren. Food, housing, and medical needs not met by public health insurance are all included under this support. 
  • Application that is incorrect or incomplete: Applications that contain mistakes or missing supporting documentation may be rejected.
  • Bad Travel History: Refusals or visa overstays in the past may pose problems for applicants. It is imperative to be open and honest about previous denials and to provide proof of corrective measures taken, like following immigration regulations on future trips.
Super Visa Rejection Reasons
  • Absence of Super Visa Insurance: It is required to get a super visa insurance quote and buy super visa insurance for parents. This insurance must have a minimum coverage of $100,000, cover medical expenses, hospital stays, and repatriation costs, and have a minimum one-year validity period.
  • Health or Security Issues: Health conditions that could endanger public health or safety issues, such as a criminal history, may result in rejection.
  • Criminal History: Those who have a criminal history may not be allowed to enter Canada. Certain criminal histories, however, might not automatically rule out applicants. It is imperative to maintain transparency concerning prior convictions and to furnish pertinent documentation, including criminal background checks and proof of rehabilitation.
  • Doubtful Purpose of Visit: An application may be denied if the immigration officer has reason to believe that the applicant does not intend to depart Canada after their authorized stay.

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Super Visa Financial Requirements 

The one who is inviting you must fulfill certain financial standards, as previously specified. The “minimum necessary income,” often known as the “low income cut off,” or LICO is the basis for this criterion. Based on data from Statistics Canada, the LICO is an income level below which a family is more likely than the average to allocate a higher portion of their income towards basic needs including clothing, food, and shelter. Below is the current LICO:

Size of Family UnitMinimum Necessary Income
1 person (your child or grandchild)$23,861
2 persons$29,706
3 persons$36,520
4 persons$44,340
5 persons$50,290
6 persons$56,71
7 persons$63,147
More than 7 persons, for each additional person, add$6,429

Tips for a Successful Super Visa Application

Consider the following suggestions to increase the likelihood that your application will be accepted:

  • Complete and Accurate Application: Fill out every form accurately, and include any supporting documents that are required.
  • Strong Financial Evidence: Provide bank statements, employment letters, and other financial records as solid proof of your financial support.
  • All-inclusive Super Visa Insurance: Get a price for super visa insurance and get coverage that satisfies all requirements.
  • Explicit Goal of Visit: Make sure the officer understands that the visit is just temporary by providing a clear and honest explanation of its importance.
  • Background and Medical Checks: Before proceeding, be sure you have completed all required background checks and medical exams.

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Q1: Can a super visa be rejected in Canada?

Even while the super visa program benefits a lot of families, it’s crucial to realize that not all applications are granted. Rejection can result from a variety of factors: Inadequate Funding The applicant’s child or grandchild in Canada must provide financial support.

Q2: What is the success rate of a super visa in Canada?

Approximately 83% of applications for this Canadian Super Visa are approved. The processing of the Super Visa can take anything from eight days to forty-five or fifty days if you are approved.

Q3: What is the rejection rate for a super visa?

To be precise, a lawyer is not necessary to assist you in obtaining a Super Visa. On the other hand, there have been rumors since 2012 that a large number of Super Visa applications are being turned down. Approximately 23% of these applications are rejected for different reasons.

This was all about the Super Visa Rejection Reasons to Consider in detail. If you have any queries related to the visa application, get in touch with our visa experts on 1800 57 2000 and follow Leverage Edu for more updates. 

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