How Can I Study Online at Home?

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how can i study online

The development of technology has transformed the learning experience. Now you can study online in the comfort of your home. Online learning is not only flexible it but offers the same benefits as a regular classroom learning experience. This makes the degrees, and certifications obtained from an e-learning platform valuable. The classes are either self-paced or instructor-paced. Nevertheless, a good online learning platform will provide you with all the resources to excel in your career. If you are interested in learning online, you must know about how to access the best online learning experience. For this reason, in this blog we have covered the answers to your question- how can I study online?

Taking an Online Class

The first step to learning online is taking an online class. To take an online class you need to know what is it that you want to learn, and what course is the course you should take. Therefore it is important to take the following steps to get an answer to your question- How can I study online?

how can i study online

Identify the topic you want to study

Before taking any online course you must clearly know what is the topic you are interested in learning. It is a great idea to choose a topic or skill that is relevant to your field of study. This will add to your skill set and enhance your CV or resume. You can choose a different topic to learn if you want to switch your field as an online course will give you a headstart regarding the matter.

Research Online on the Decided Topic

Now that you have decided on the topic you want to learn, research about it. Several e-learning websites provide online courses on the relevant topic. For example, there are plenty of cybersecurity online courses available. 

Learn about the Course and Enrol

At this stage, identify the benefits the course offers. That is, the flexibility of the course, certification, etc. It is best to compare the course benefits with its competitors . Once you are satisfied with the course benefits you can enrol and start learning.

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Resources for Online Learning 

An online class provides several types of resources or study materials. These study materials will help you in learning. If you are asking yourself the question how can I study online the simple answer is to make use of the resources an online class offers. There are different types of online resources available. Some of the popular resources provided are:

how can i study online
  1. Video-based content: Basically, you can watch the video provided and then learn from the instructor. There are either pre-recorded videos or live classes available. 
  2. Ebooks and Journals: Ebooks and journals are reading materials provided that you can take in addition to the regular class (videos)
  3. Quizzes: Several online platforms such as Coursera and Edx offer quizzes in the middle of the videos. You can take these quizzes to test your knowledge. On the other hand, some courses offer quizzes towards the end of the online course. 
  4. Audio-Based Content-  Several language learning websites offer you audio-based content. For example, if you want to learn Spanish you can listen to Spanish content and improve your language skills. You can find audio podcasts, news, etc 
  5. Discussion Forms: Enrolling in an online course that offers a discussion form is great. You can ask questions or discuss the topics with your instructor or your peers in these forums.

3 Types of Online Learning 

There are different types of online learning that you must be familiar with. Are you asking the question “How can I study online”? Well, there are different types of online learning.

  1. Fully online class: This is the most popular type of online learning. This means you can sit at home and learn 100% online.
  2. Hybrid online course: Hybrid learning refers to learning online but visiting the campus. This means you might have to go to your university campus for a specific semester or period. It can also mean that you can study online but take the examination in an exam centre or at your university. 
  3. Distance learning: Distance learning means you will get all your study materials at your home, You will have to study at home and go to the exam centre to give an exam. For example, IGNOU courses. Distance learning can include some type of online learning. For example, you can download some resources from the internet. For example, via email. However, distance learning cannot be classified as completely as online learning.

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Online Learning Assessment 

how can i study online

How can I study online? The answer- give online examinations. Online learning assessments are generally done in the form of online examinations. These examinations can be a final examination or assessment where your total marks are calculated. For example, Alison’s online final assessment, and LinkedIn Learning Assessment. 

It is important to note that not not online learning assessments are done as a final examination. You can get a short assessment in the middle of the course. Your final marks for the certification will be determined by the marks you have obtained in these assessments. However, you will have to secure a certain percentage of marks to receive the certificate. For example, Coursera and Edx online assessments. 

Recognition of Online Qualifications

Another answer to your question ‘How can I study online?’ is to enrol in an online class with certifications. The reason is the recognition of certification plays an important role while looking for employment.

how can i study online

Online Courses Without Certification

An Online course without certification will not be recognised by any employer. However, this doesn’t mean that the online course has no value. You can enrol in these classes purely to learn a skill. For example, Khan Academy classes, and Skillshare online classes. These are excellent resources for you to get introduced to a topic or to learn. However, from the perspective of employment, these classes are not useful. This is true particularly if you are looking for a degree prorgam.

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Online Courses With Certifications 

How Can I study online? Enrol in an online course with certifications. An online course with certification is recognised. However, it is best to enrol in accredited degree programs or courses. Generally, these have more value. An online accredited degree program (depending on which university you are taking from) has the same value as a regular degree program. The only difference is that you learning at home. If you are enrolling in a certification program, make sure that the e-learning provider (university, institution, website) is well recognised. Otherwise, your certification will have no value. 

7 Tips for Effective Online Learning 

Below we have provided 5 big tips for effective online learning. How can I study online? Well, you can use these tips to start studying online. 

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  1. Set daily goals– Set daily goals for yourself to complete the course. You can start by completing one lesson per day. This will encourage you to complete the course.
  2. Have a distraction-free environment: Create a study space for yourself which is distraction-free. This is because effective studying requires focus.
  3. Schedule time– Now that you have a goal and a space to study schedule time in your calendar to start learning. Make sure you follow the schedule.
  4. Take notes and join discussions- Engage with your peers and join discussions. You must also take notes (if it is not provided) as it can help you later.
  5. Accountability: Hold yourself accountable for taking the class. Online classes do not have a teacher to tell you to keep learning. Therefore, you will have to motivate yourself, and complete assignments.
  6. Take one course at a time: Taking multiple courses would mean multiple assignments that can go pending,. Therefore, it is advisable to take one online course at a time.
  7. Take breaks: Lastly, don’t forget to take breaks between study sessions. You can reward yourself after completing each module by taking a few minutes off the screen.

Watch the video below to learn tips for studying consistently

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How can we study online?

To study online enrol in an online course, make use of the resources (study materials such as ebooks, journals, audio content, etc), take the online assessment, and obtain a certificate.

Which is the best course to study online?

Coursera, Edx, Udemy, Alison, Memrise, Skillshare, etc are some of the best online learning providers.

Is it good to study online?

Definitely! Online classes come with flexibility. It means you can set your time to learn. Moreover, they are affordable compared to a regular class, You can complete all the lessons are receive a certificate or degree at home,

How can I study for free?

You can study in an online class for free. For this, you can enrol in a free online course. Otherwise, you can seek financial assistance from the university that is providing the course online. The financial assistance may cover only a portion of the tuition fees.

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details. For more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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