7+ Best Shorthand Courses Online for Beginners

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shorthand online course

Shorthand is a transcribing method that transfers audio content into written symbols. For a long time, shorthand has been an effective method in professional settings such as medical and legal fields. Those seeking a career in journalism, medical transcription, or secretarial work can enroll in a shorthand online course.  Shorthand courses are available at a reasonable price. Moreover, they can be taken in the comfort of your home. Keep reading to learn more about the shorthand online course.

Shorthand Online Course Value 
Pitman Training Shorthand CourseMost recognised certification 
English Shorthand StenographyBest for those seeking employment 
English Shorthand Complete CourseTo learn practical skils
ShorthandlyPlenty of resources to learn shorthand
Steno India Shorthand Classes Best for government exams
Certificate In Steno English TypingPlacement assistance 
Learn English Shorthand/StenographyLearn Pittman’s shorthand
Note Taking Training Course : How to Take Notes & Triple Your Learning SkillsLearn to take fast notes 

Is shorthand hard to learn?

Shorthand is an essential skill for administrative and office work. It helps in speeding up the accuracy, and transcription, and aids listening skills. Although technological advancements have taken place, shorthand remains an extremely useful skill. Learning shorthand is like learning a new language.  Once, the student understands the techniques and patterns used in a shorthand it becomes easier. Word-to-world translation can be done quickly and becomes the second nature to the learner.   By practicing regularly, it is possible to learn shorthand fast, 

7+ Best Shorthand Online Courses 

Here is a list of the 7 best online shorthand courses. Most of these courses come with a certification. We have added the fee details, course level, and duration for your convenience.

Pitman Training Shorthand Course

shorthand online course
Credit:Pitman Training 

Pitman Training offers 7 shorthand courses for students.  They are; SpeedWriting Workshop, Shorthand Speed Development, Shorthand Fast, Teeline Fast Shorthand, Teeline Professional, Shorthand Faster, and Speedwriting. The courses can be taken in the center, online, or in a hybrid setting.  Moreover, they are the leading shorthand courses online. A certification by Pitman Training is recognized by ICDL, Adobe, and other companies. 

Level Beginners 
Duration 6 hours per course 
Certification Yes

Website: https://www.pitman-training.com/our-courses/office-secretarial/shorthand-courses/

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English Shorthand Stenography

shorthand online course

Udemy is offering an English Shorthand Stenography course. This shorthand online course is for anyone who seeks employment in government and private sectors. Apart from shorthand skills, the course will also help the student to learn basic computer skills.  The course is held for a duration of 2 months and comes with a certificate that can be incredibly useful for employment purposes.

Level Beginners 
Duration 7.5 hours on-demand video
FeeINR 2,499
Certification Yes

Website: https://www.udemy.com/course/english-shorthand-stenography/

English Shorthand Complete Course

shorthand online course

The English Shorthand complete course is a course that helps a student gain practical skills. The course consists of 16 video-based lessons. It covers topics such as; 700 Common Words Book Complete, Pitman Shorthand Book Complete, Instructor Key & Ajmair Shorthand Books Complete, Instructor Key & Ajmair Shorthand Books Complete. Those who want surmised information of popular shorthand books can enroll in this class. It comes with a certificate. 

Level Beginners 
Duration 1.5 hours on-demand video
FeeINR 1,299
Certification Yes

Website: https://www.udemy.com/course/english-shorthand-complete-course/


shorthand online course

Shorthandly is an excellent website for learning shorthand online courses.  The course contains several videos of Pitman and Gregg shorthand. Studners can access numerous 80-100wpm dictations with clear audio. Moreover, the course emphasis on shorthand vocabulary, and offers tips and tricks for beginners in Stenography. Students can take the online exercises to improve their shorthand skills.

Level Beginners 
Duration NA
Certification No

Website: https://www.shorthandly.com/

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Steno India Shorthand Classes 

shorthand online course

Steno India is offering several shorthand classes. These shorthand online courses can be taken in Hindi or English. Some of the popular shorthand classes on this platform are: Shorthand for CISF, ITI, Dist. Court, BSF, Secretariat, High Court,  UPSC, etc.  The classes are available online or offline. The online classes are held via Skype, and may not offer certification.

Level Beginners 
Duration 1 month per course 
Certification NA

Website: https://stenoindia.com/

Certificate In Steno English Typing

Credit: IISDT

The Indian Institute of Skill Development Training is offering Certificate in Steno English Typing. To enroll in this course, the student must have completed 10th standard examination. The syllabus includes topics such as Introduction to Stenography, Note Taking Techniques, Shorthand slow speed dictation, Upward and Downward writing, and Compound consonants. The certification has lifetime validity. Moreover, free job assistance is provided post-course completion. 

Level Beginners 
Duration 90 Hrs 
FeeINR 1,000
Certification Yes

Website: https://iisdt.in/product/steno-english-typing/

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Learn English Shorthand/Stenography

shorthand online course

Unacadmey is offering a short introductory courses on Stenography. The course explains the Pittman’s shorthand in detail. The course consists of 9 lessons held for a duration of 1 hour and 54 minutes. The course covers topics such as consonants, vowels, Intervening Vowels and Position, etc. The drawback? This course does not come with a certificate. 

Level Beginners 
Duration 1h 54m
Certification No

Website: https://unacademy.com/course/learn-english-shorthandstenography/T483SRL1

Note Taking Training Course : How to Take Notes & Triple Your Learning Skills

shorthand online course
Credit: Skillshare 

The Note Taking Training Course : How to Take Notes & Triple Your Learning Skills is taken by Moses Lewis, the award-winning memory and productivity expert. The course is available on Skilshare and has a total of 27 lessons. The prorgam explores topics such as keys for active listening, focusing on ideas, brainstorming, taking notes while reading etc. This course does not come with a certificate. Students can enroll in this course purely for learning purposes. 

Level All
Duration 46 min
Fee1 month free trial 
Certification No

Website: https://www.skillshare.com/en/classes/Note-Taking-Training-Course-How-to-Take-Notes-Triple-Your-Learning-Skills/869718711

Is shorthand still used in 2024?

Yes Shorthand is still used in 2024. Although the technological advancements have taken place, the importance of shorthand still remains. For example, it is easier for journalists to take shorthand notes. Court proceeding and several government meetings do not all auido recordings. Under such circumstances, shorthand skills are are important tool. A shorthand reporter can earn  INR 774,303 a year in India. Those in secretarial positions also take shorthand courses as its very useful for them. 

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Can I learn shorthand online?

Yes. Shorthand can be learnt online. The shorthand online courses are menat for those who want to take learn shorthand skillsat the comfort of their home. For example, the Pitman Training Shorthand Courses offer flexibility to its learners. 

Can we learn steno in 2 months?

Yes it is possible to learn the stenography in 2 months.  You can learn the basics in 2 months. For advanced learning, more time needs to be spent learning the skill. 

Can I teach myself shorthand?

Yes. It is possible to teach yourself shorthand skills. Internet is an excellent source for self learners. Interested individuals can enroll in an online shorthand course for smooth self learning. Another way to learn is to watch YouTube videos about short hand. 

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details, for more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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