10 Best Online Guitar Lessons for All Skill Levels

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best online guitar lessons

Online guitar lessons are meant for anyone who wants to learn Guitar, one of the most popular musical instruments. The lessons suit beginners and established players who want to build their guitar skills. One of the best parts about online guitar lessons is that they do not require you to go to an institute to learn. You can learn all the skills needed in the comfort of your home. Most of the online platforms provide free trial options. This can make choosing the right website to start learning guitar easier. In this blog, we have provided some of the best online guitar lessons you can enrol in. 

Course Value
Fender PlaySuitable for beginners. They are the biggest guitar brand
TrueFire Lessons Huge content volume
Guitar Tricks Suitable for intermediate learners 
Artist Works Guitar Lessons Top tutors you will ever find
Simply Guitar Suitable for gamers 
Guitareo Excellent in terms of usability
Justin Guitar For those looking for free lessons
JTC Guitar Suitable for intermediate and advanced learners 
Lick Library Best website if you want to learn popular songs
Jamplay Lesson and Courses Huge resources available for learning

Best Online Guitar Lessons

Here is a list of the best online guitar lessons you can enrol in. The course fees, duration, and other information are provided.

Fender Play

best online guitar lessons
Credit: Fender.com

The Fender Play website offers one of the best online guitar lessons. New lessons, courses, and songs are added regularly on this platform. You can learn guitar lessons from elite instructors. Whether you have 2 minutes or 20 minutes, video lessons that will fit your schedule are available. Apart from Guitar lessons, you can learn ukulele and bass lessons. You can also download their app for an easy learning experience.

DurationSelf paced 
Fee$74.99 for the whole year 

Website: https://www.fender.com/play

TrueFire Lessons 

best online guitar lessons

True Fire offers more lessons, and jam tracks than you will ever need. More than 50,000 jam tracks are available on this platform. They also have a catalogue of well-respected teachers you can learn from—for example, Grammy award-winning artists, world-class musicians, etc. A slow, looping feature allows you to repeat and listen to a single paragraph until you have mastered it. You can follow a learning oath from beginner to the advanced level. The video lessons are crystal clear; you can access other learning tools such as metronome, charts, and tuners.

DurationSelf paced 
Fee$149 all year (14 day free trial)


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Guitar Tricks 

best online guitar lessons

Guitar Tricks offers the best online guitar lessons for intermediate learners. By enrolling you can access more than 11,000 lessons, song lessons, artists and genre studies, and extensive core studies. The platform helps you cover the basics, and move from an intermediate player to an advanced level. You can access 1-1 lessons with top instructors. Their Guitar toolbox contains apps that will help you in your journey to learn guitar properly. Some of the tools you can access are a guitar tuner, a scale finder, a metronome, a chord chart, and a scale finder.

FeeRegister to find out


Artist Works Guitar Lessons 

best online guitar lessons

Artist Works is another platform offering some of the best online guitar lessons. In this platform, a total of 14 master guitarists provide some of the best courses on the internet. You can select from jazz, rock, country, blues, bluegrass, classical, and beginner acoustic to learn. Classes are available for all genres and the learning is self-paced. You can also play the video in slow motion and make use of the looping feature to master a particular part of the song.

DurationSelf paced 
FeeNA (a free lesson is available)


Simply Guitar 

best online guitar lessons

Simply Guitar app comes under the list of the best online guitar lessons because people of all ages can enrol in these classes. You can watch step-by-step tutorials to start learning guitar.

The tutorials are made by world-class music teachers. You can also gain feedback from the app while learning your favourite songs. Classes are mainly tailored for beginners. Hence, no experience is needed.

DurationSelf paced 



best online guitar lessons

Guitareo offers the best online guitar lessons in terms of usability, navigation, and fun. By enrolling in their class you can learn 500 songs in 5 days. Plenty of video lessons are available and you can learn from touring musicians and Grammy award-winning musicians.  More than 1000+ songs are available, and you can access their practical on-screen assignments to test your knowledge. The videos are downloadable, and guided workouts are available where you can practise with your teacher in real-time. Additionally, you can also get weekly live streams, and lesson plans and access the online guitar community.

Fee$20 per month (free trail is available)


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Justin Guitar 

best online guitar lessons

Justin Guitar has been featured in the BBC, the Guardian, and the Guiar world. You can learn your favourite songs from day 1. You can also play along tracks hand-picked for every stage. The lessons are bite-sized so that you can learn at your own pace. There is a structured learning path that you can follow. Moreover, interactive exercises are also available. Every week new lessons are added. The app is rated 4.7 on Google Play. 

LevelIntermediate, advanced
Fee7 day free trial 


JTC Guitar 

best online guitar lessons

JTC  Guitar offers the best online guitar lessons for intermediate and advanced learners. They have an excellent collection of talented tutors, an attractive interface, dense lessons meant for experienced players, and unlimited streaming access for members. They have a collection of more than 450+ videos and  13 different playing styles.  Artist packages and personal feedback are also available. The drawback? The lessons are not suitable for beginners.

LevelIntermediate and advanced
FeeFree demo session available 


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Lick Library 

best online guitar lessons

Lick Library has an impressive song catalogue (2000 songs). They offer 1-1 support to the beginners. The courses are in-depth, and you can choose to learn from more than 40+ professional teachers. 5000 lessons are available, and new lessons are added monthly. Moreover, video looping and speed control features are also available. The drawback? The video quality is not great.  If you want to learn your favourite songs, these best online guitar lessons won’t disappoint you.

DurationSelf paced 
Fee$24.99 (monthly)


Jamplay Lesson and Courses 

best online guitar lessons

Jamplay offers the best online guitar lessons for intermediate players. They have more than 5000 on-demand video lessons. Moreover, you can access their additional tutorials. The video quality is 4K, and you can receive progress reports. A total of 9,347 lessons with  137 instructors are available. You can also choose from 20+ music genres. They have diverse signups and options for pricing. You can either pay with 2 yearly plans, monthly or quarterly. You can download their app on Android or iOS devices.

DurationSelf paced 



Where is it best to learn guitar online?

Some of the best websites where you can learn guitar lessons online are True Fire, Guitar Tricks, Justin Guitar, Fender Play, and Artist Works Guitar Lessons.

Who is the best guitar teacher on the internet?

Several websites offer guitar lessons for beginners. These websites host a lost of instructors who you can learn from. For beginners, we would suggest Feberplay. If you are looking for free lessons then Justin Guitar is the best. If you are an intermediate learner Guitar Tricks is the best for you.

Is it OK to learn guitar online?

Yes. Its definitely okay to learn guitar online. Online courses enable you to learn from top instructors, who otherwise you cannot access. Moreover, all the course materials are provided to you so that you can sit comfortably at home and learn. The classes are flexible as well.

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details. For more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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