7 Best Online Acting Classes for Teens You Must Check Out 

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online acting classes for teens

Online acting classes for teens help in developing the skills and techniques required by a teenager to become an actor. Film acting requires both imagination and confidence, In these classes, you can be assured of developing both as a new and upcoming actor. An online acting class can be taken by anyone interested in becoming an actor. You can attend these classes online in the comfort of your own home with these free online acting classes, and gain guidance from the best instructors. Keep reading to learn more about online acting classes for teens.

Acting Course for TeensValue
NFA Online Acting Classes for KidsGet to learn from the best instructors 
Membership Program for Teen Actors Learn from the same institute as Olivia Rodrigo
O.A’s Online Acting Classes for TeensA comprehensive course on online acting 
StellAdler Studio Teen Online Courses Best for those who want to take classes only on Sundays
Young Actors Online Program Learn method acting and college audition preparation
Online Teenage Acting Classes For those who prefer Zoom classes 
Free Online Acting CoursesFree online acting classes with certification

7 Best Online Acting Classes for Teens 

Here is a list of the best online acting classes for teens. We have included the course fees, duration, and certification details. Note: both paid and free online acting classes are included in the list

NFA Online Acting Classes for Kids

online acting classes for teens

The New York Film Academy is offering online acting classes for teens. The classes are available to teens between the ages of 14-17. The course empathises with developing core acting skills, and learning of new acting techniques. You can learn from experienced and professional actors and tap into their strengths through various hands-on projects and exercises. You can choose to take 3 acting courses at once or take each class individually.

Age 14-17
Duration12 days of learning 
Fee$ 325 (module 3)

Website: https://www.nyfa.edu/youth-program/online-acting-for-kids/

Membership Program for Teen Actors 

online acting classes for teens

The Young Actors Studio has launched membership online acting classes for teens. The members can enrol in group sessions and weekday private coaching lessons simultaneously. Apart from this, they can also take part in monologue coaching, scene study and writing lab sessions. Some of the Alumni of this institute are Olivia Rodrigo and Carmen Flood.

Age NA


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O.A’s Online Acting Classes for Teens

online acting classes for teens

The Online Actor is offering other excellent online acting classes for teens. These classes are 100% online and are held for 3-4 hours per session. The classes are meant for teenagers between the ages of 14-18. You will learn the unique and practical approaches to acting. There will be paired and individual sessions held. New teen actors will be taught the basics of acting and those with prior knowledge can focus on new and intermediate learning. Drawback? You will need permission from a parent or guardian to participate (under 18).

Age 14-18
Duration3-4 hours per class


StellAdler Studio Teen Online Courses 

free online acting classes

StellAdler Studio is an excellent platform to check out online acting workshops. You must be between the ages of 14-18 to participate. Additionally, you must clear an entrance interview with the  Director of Teen Programs. All classes are held on Sundays for 2-3 hours. You will learn acting techniques, monologue delivery, and scene study.

Age 14-18
Duration2-3 hours per class
Fee$240-$360 per module 


Young Actors Online Program

free online acting classes

Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute offers methods of acting online courses for teenagers. The classes are meant for students between the ages of 7-12.  You can attend the classes on Zoom. Usually, the acting sessions are held for 3 hours during fall, winter and spring. The sessions include memory exercises, relaxation techniques, and more. If you are in grade 11 or 12 you can enroll in the 10-week college audition preparation course. You will be taught for college auditions. Individual feedback and real-time assessment is also available.

Age 7-12 /Gade 11-12
Duration3 hours per session / 10 week workshop
Fee$1255 (method acting), and  $800 (college audition preparation)


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Online Teenage Acting Classes 

free online acting classes

The  Brave Studies hold Online Teenage Acting Classes as well. These classes are held over 4 weeks and are taught by  Lyndelle Green via Zoom. By enrolling in this course, you will learn about script analysis,  reacting to other characters, acting for camera techniques, working with a variety of scenes, working with a partner online, and how to overcome nervousness. You will also get a chance to connect with like-minded teenagers. The scenes used to explain are from Stranger Things, Riverdale, etc to keep you engaged in the learning process.

Age Teens
Duration2- hours (17th August – 7th September)
Fee250.00 Inc GST


Free Online Acting Courses

free online acting classes
Credit: Alison

Alison is an excellent platform to check out free online acting classes. You will find several courses on acting on this website. For example, introduction to acting auditions, drama therapy fundamentals, introduction to voice acting, essential acting skills, and more. Each of these courses is just 3-4 hours long. These courses come with a certificate and are even CPD-accredited.

Age All age groups
Duration2-3 hours per course


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Can I learn acting online?

Definitely! Online acting courses are similar to in-person acting courses. They cover the same topics taught in a regular course. For example, acting techniques, scene study, etc.  You can also interact with online learning peers and practise online (zoom) to learn.

How to learn acting at home free online?

There are several free online acting classes. You can start learning about acting by enrolling in any acting course, and by practising the methods taught. Some of the popular courses are Alison’s free online acting courses, and Skillshare’s free online acting courses (free trial 7 days).

Are online acting classes worth it?

Definitely! Online acting classes do not require you to visit a physical location. Moreover, they are comparatively cheaper than a regular class. You will also have access to coaches you normally wouldn’t be able to learn from in a regular setting. Moreover, the course content is the same as a regular learner.

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details. For more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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