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Medical assistants will most likely be the first to assist you when you see the doctor. Vital signs are taken by the medical assistants, making patients ready for tests, and blood is drawn by medical assistants. They also carry out administrative duties including keeping track of patients’ medical history and making appointments.

In healthcare settings including hospitals, doctor’s offices, and urgent care centres, medical assistants are employed. The blog article below will give you all the details regarding the online medical assistants and programs offered. Let’s delve into the details of the same. 

About Medical Assistants

There are many duties performed by the medical assistants. A few of the responsibilities are briefly listed below for your easy reference. 

  • Perform a variety of patient care and lab-based tasks for a particular unit in a medical environment under the direction of a doctor.
  • Organise prescription refills, handle invoicing, fill up patient papers, review patient samples, give immunisations or medicines, and take ECG readings.
  • Answer phones, explain procedures, change bandages, and do other administrative and clinical tasks in a clinical setting to assist the doctors and nurses in running the clinic effectively.
  • Respect legal requirements and hospital-specific guidelines for the storage and preparation of equipment and the preservation, destruction, and archiving of documents in order to protect the hospital’s reputation.
  • While using equipment, pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions and established processes; use supplies and equipment only when necessary to save resources.

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Top Accredited Online Medical Assistant Programs

While choosing an online medical assistant program, you must check the eligibility criteria and fees for the program. If you are willing to opt for an online accredited medical assistant program, we have listed a few of them in the table below for your reference. 

Institution Name Program DurationUndergraduate FeesGraduate Fees
Purdue University Global-Indianapolis4 years$10,080$8,766
Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale4 years$19,808$27,162
Jackson College4 years $10,461NA
University of Providence4 years$26,462$31,500
Dakota College at Bottineau2 years$6,344NA
Herzing University 10 months$11,880
U.S Career Institute Self Paced$1,539 (only tuition fee)
Penn Foster 2 years$5,800 – $6,300
San Francisco UniversitySelf Paced $2,600 
Texas State University 1 year$4,000
Prude University Global1.5 year$21,000

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Why Enroll in Online Medical Assistant Programs?

There are a number of reasons to enrol in an online medical assistant program. A few of them are briefly listed below for your easy reference. 

  • Candidates can complete their assignments at home and at their own convenience with online medical assistant programmes.
  • Most online medical assistant programmes span between six months and two years, giving students plenty of time to start working.
  • Students will have access to learn useful information and skills in pharmacology, first aid, medical terminology, and anatomy.
  • Online medical assistant training can serve as a springboard for future graduate work.
  • In a position in healthcare that is in demand, medical assistants may count on long-term job stability.

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Requirements to Pursue Graduate Online Medical Assistant Programs

Students who are willing to pursue graduation in an online medical assistant program must have knowledge of some fundamental concepts like anatomy, ethics and terminology. A few subjects like English, writing, computers with core subjects like: 

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • Pharmacology
  • Phlebotomy
  • Billing and coding procedures

Career Paths after Online Medical Assistant Programs

Generally speaking, if given the option, you could choose to concentrate on patient care and clinical work if you enjoy having direct contact with patients. Or you could like administrative and clerical tasks like handling billing procedures or maintaining medical records.

Medical assistants have a ton of opportunities to enhance their careers despite being in a relatively new industry. Career advancement is influenced by performance, experience, specialisation, and the capacity to apply abilities in related disciplines. 

You can opt for Phlebotomy, or the collection of blood samples for analysis, which is another option for people who want to conduct more hands-on work in the laboratory, providing you have the necessary credentials. However, in most cases, your job may require you to be adaptable enough to carry out a variety of tasks.

However, if you are willing to choose a role, we have mentioned a few for your reference below. 

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What do medical assistants do? 

Medical assistants take patients blood samples for tests, prepare them for futher medical procedures and also take care of their billing procedures. 

Where can students opt for online medical assistant program?

Students can opt for online medical assiatnts program in colleges such as Purdue University Global-Indianapolis, Dakota College at Bottineau, and Herzing University. 

What are the career paths one can attempt after completing their online medical assistant program? 

Students can opt for various career paths after completing their medical assistant program such as Practitioners in podiatry, MA Instructor or Trainer and Ophthalmology. 

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