Clean Sweep Idiom Meaning, Synonyms, Examples

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clean sweep idiom meaning

The “clean sweep” idiom meaning refers to winning without facing any defeat. The phrase generally implies a complete or overwhelming victory, success, or achievement, but it can also mean a thorough removal or elimination of something or someone unwanted or undesirable. The metaphor has two different meanings for different contexts.

Usage With Examples

The “clean sweep” idiom meaning comes from the idea of sweeping away dust or dirt with a broom, leaving a clean surface. Here are some examples of how to use this idiom correctly in a sentence:

  1. The ruling party made a clean sweep in the election, winning all the seats in the parliament.
  2. The new manager decided to make a clean sweep of the old staff and hire new people.
  3. The basketball team achieved a clean sweep of the tournament, beating all their opponents by a large margin.
  4. The detective made a clean sweep of the crime scene, collecting all the evidence and clues.
  5. The singer made a clean sweep of the awards night, winning in every category she was nominated for.

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Synonyms and Similar Phrases

The idiom “clean sweep” shares its meaning with several other words and phrases in English as well. Given below are some synonyms for the idiom “clean sweep”:

  1. Clean slate 
  2. Fresh start 
  3. Clean hands 
  4. Clear conscience 
  5. New Beginning 
  6. Triumph 
  7. Success 
  8. Achievement 
  9. Victory 
  10. Accomplishment 

Clean Sweep Idiom Meaning Quiz

Choose the best option to complete the sentence using the “clean sweep” idiom.

After the scandal, the company decided to _________ of the corrupt executives and start afresh.

A) Make a clean sweep 

B) Make a clean break 

C) Make a clean cut 

D) Make a clean shave

The correct answer is A) 

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