Swan Song Meaning, with Examples, Synonym

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swan song

The idiom “swan song” is often used to describe a final, notable performance, act, or effort before retirement, the end of a career, or the conclusion of a person’s life.

It refers to the ancient belief that swans, known for their beautiful singing, would sing a particularly haunting and melodious song just before they died.

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Usage with Examples

In a broader sense, “swan song” can also refer to the last appearance, work, or achievement of something or someone. It signifies a grand or memorable finale, often characterized by a sense of farewell or the end of an era.

Mentioned below are some examples where you can use the idiom swan song:

  • The retiring musician’s final concert was his swan song, showcasing his exceptional talent.
  • The acclaimed actor’s last performance in the theater was his swan song, leaving the audience in awe.
  • The championship game marked the coach’s swan song, as he announced his retirement after leading the team to victory.

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Synonyms and Similar Words To Swan Song

However, mentioned below are a few synonyms and related words to swan song:

  • Farewell performance
  • Last act
  • Final performance
  • Parting song

Swan Song Meaning Quiz

The novel was considered the author’s:

  • swan song
  • last piece
  • unread

Answer: swan song

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