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The idiom “On the money” meaning is to be right about something or someone, precise or accurate. The expression “on the money” refers to a successful horse racing wager. The majority of publications that discuss the phrase’s origins concur that it was connected to horse racing, especially the associated chance. The wager that was made correctly won.

Alternatively, the idiom may have something to do with surveying. Surveyors will occasionally drive a metal benchmark rod into the ground at a certain location. The surveyors’ viewing devices, which they mount on tripods, might make it difficult to see the rods at times. After placing a coin on the standard, experts can see the rod more clearly. Surveyors can therefore be accurate when they align the coin in their lens.

Usage with Example

Given below are a few examples of the idiom “ on the money”

  • What he foresaw was on the money.
  • I became the winner of the contest because my estimate was right on the money.
  • The way she analyzed the situation is right on the money.
  • This man is an excellent hitter, so your pitches must be on the money to strike him out.
  • Your response is accurate. You’re right on the money.

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On the Money Synonyms

A few synonyms of the idiom “on the idiom” are:

  • Proper
  • Accurate
  • Precise
  • Perfect
  • Spot-on
  • Dead-on
  • On-target
  • Valid

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On the Idiom Quiz

With time we will get to know who is on the money in the argument.

  • In the argument
  • In wallet
  • Today 

Answer: In the argument

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