Off the Cuff Meaning with Example

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Off the cuff

The off the cuff idiom is used to describe something that is done or said spontaneously, without prior preparation or rehearsal. This off the cuff idiom is commonly used to describe a remark, response, or performance that is spontaneous and immediate.

When someone does or says something off the cuff, it means they are speaking or acting in an impromptu or unscripted manner, often without giving it much thought or planning.

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Usage with Examples

Additonally, the idiom “off the cuff” refers to something that is spontaneous, unplanned, or said without preparation.

  • The comedian’s best jokes are often delivered off the cuff, making them feel genuine.
  • The professor answered the student’s question off the cuff without referring to any notes.
  • The CEO’s off-the-cuff remark about the company’s future plans caused a stir among the employees.
  • The singer forgot the lyrics to a song during the concert but managed to improvise an off-the-cuff verse that delighted the audience.

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Off the Cuff

Here are some synonyms for the idiom off the cuff:

  • Impromptu
  • Spontaneous
  • Without preparation
  • On the spot
  • Without rehearsal

Off the Cuff Idiom Quiz

The politician gave an excellent off-the-cuff speech,

  • Impressing everyone with her quick thinking.
  • Given her habit of slacking off.
  • Creating a ruckus among the listener.

Answer: Impressing everyone with her quick thinking.

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