Speech Mark Examples for Grade 1, 2, & 3 in English [with Worksheet PDF]

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Speech Mark Examples

Speech mark examples or you can say examples of quotation marks are quite helpful when it comes to mastering the trickiness of punctuation without cramming its definition and usage rules. But once you learn what speech marks are with the help of instances; you can easily quote anyone’s speech, famous saying, or universal truths word to word in writing. So, without further ado, let’s explore this blog about speech mark punctuation for kids through examples and practice exercises. 

Speech Mark Examples for Grade 1

To comprehend speech marks, think of them as tiny bubbles around what someone says. They show you the exact words spoken by a character in a sentence. But instead of a bubble, it follows a double inverted comma (“ ”) symbol to highlight the exact words of a speaker in written form. Take a look at the following examples of Speech marks for reference: 

Speech Mark Examples for Grade 1
  • Simple Sentence: He Said, “I do not like her.”
  • Questions: “Do you not like her?” asked the girl.

Here are some more examples you can go through and analyse the use of punctuation for class 1 kids.

Direct Speech“Hello,” said Tom.“Goodbye,” waved Sarah.
Reporting VerbsTom said, “I like pizza.”Sarah asked, “Can we go to the park?”

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Speech Mark Examples for Grade 2

As a kid progresses to Grade 2, they can explore more complex sentences and dialogues to master the usage of speech marks like the one mentioned below:

When multiple speakers are there“Let’s go to the beach,” said mom.“I want to build a sandcastle,” exclaimed Tim.
Punctuation inside speech marks“I love my new bike,” said Jack, “It’s so fast!”

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Speech Mark Examples for Grade 3 

You must note that the functioning of quotation marks remains the same regardless of the grade level. The only challenge you will face will be the complexity of sentences. So, going through the more challenging examples will further enhance your understanding of speech marks: 

Dialogue“Can I have some cookies?” Sarah asked. “Of course,” replied her mom.
Adding Emotions“This is scary!” whispered the boy in a trembling voice. 

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Speech Mark Worksheet with Answer PDF

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What are speech marks?

Speech marks, also sometimes called quotation marks, are punctuation symbols used in writing to show the exact words spoken by a character or person in a sentence. They act like little quotation bubbles, enclosing the specific dialogue being spoken. For example, “Hello,” she greeted me warmly. 

How to put words in speech marks?

Here’s how to put words in speech marks also called quotation marks:
1. Identify the spoken words.
2. Before the spoken words, insert the opening quotation marks.  
3. Place all the spoken words within the quotation marks. This includes questions, exclamations, and even internal monologues.
4. After the spoken words, add the closing quotation mark (” or ”).

What are the example sentences for speech marks?

The example sentences for speech marks are “Ouch!” he cried, grabbing his foot. “Are you sure?”

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This was all about the speech mark examples and related information. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the page of Learn English on Leverage Edu website for more exciting and informative blogs.

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