What is Noun for Provide: Meanings, Synonyms, & Examples

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The noun for provide is provision, and it represents an item of supplies and goods mainly for the food that is obtained for future purposes. To elaborate, provision means making a particular thing available for use or undergoing preparations. 

The word ‘provide’ is a verb that was first used during the Middle English period (from 1150 to 1500). You can find its origin in late Middle English and its earlier meanings were “get ready’’, and “prepare to do” which is related to the Latin word “providere”, meaning ‘foresee, attend to’, made from pro(before) + videre (to see). It is also used for making past preparations or taking the action of providing.

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What is the Type of Noun for Provide?

As you know the word ‘provide’ is a verb, but after adding the suffix ‘-ion’ or ‘-er’ it can be both an abstract and a common noun, depending on its usage. However, the word ‘provision’ can also be an adjective that is used in ‘provision stores’.

Parts of SpeechWordsMeaning of the words
Abstract NounProvisionThe process or the act of providing
Common NounProvisionsThe items that are provided
PersonProviderThe one who provides


  • We must provide sufficient food to the poor.
  • The provision of water and food is required for the flood relief campaign.

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9+ Synonyms of Provide

There are so many words that have similar meanings to the word ‘provide’. Let’s go through the synonyms of provide as a noun, i.e., provision and provider to enhance your vocabulary:

Synonyms of ProvisionSynonyms of Provider
Supplying Supplier
Purveying Donor
Catering Benefactor
Equipping Contributor
Store Mainstay
Plan Supporter 
Arrangement Source
Precaution Earner
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Picture of Synonym for Provide

There are so many Noun for provide some of which you have heard about before but some may be new to you. The usage of the synonyms for the word ‘provide’ is more commonly used in the writings.

noun synonyms for provide

Examples of Noun for Provide in Sentences

Let’s take a look at the following examples of provide as a noun within sentences that will help you understand its usage in a better way.

  • The government has made provisions for the future.
  • He is the provider of your supply at the store.
  • They should stock up on provisions for long-distance travel.
  • The providore was responsible for supplying the ships.
  • The dish service providers are on strike.

Noun Quiz for Provide

Now that you have understood what is the Noun for  ‘provide’, take the quiz given below to test your knowledge.

1). Shell is one of the leading______ of automobile and industrial lubricants.

  1. provision
  2. provider 
  3. providing 

2). Four days passed, and the water tanks were quite empty, and the meager____long finished.

  1. provision
  2. provided
  3. provisions

Check your Answers below!

  1. B. provider
  2. C. provisions
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Compound NounsSingular Nouns
Material NounsVerbal Noun
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This was all about the noun for ‘provide’ and its meanings, synonyms, and related information. Hope you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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