How to Study Nouns for Class 1: Meaning, Types & Exercises [PDF Included]

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Noun for class 1: Nouns are known to be the main building blocks in the English vocabulary. They refer to things, people, objects, ideas etc. Not only in English but in almost every language you will come across several words that are used to refer to things that are considered to be the subject of the sentence. Studying nouns is one of the most common topics in the English grammar. It is one of the first topics that is studied in Class 1. Let’s learn the definition of nouns for Class 1 and how they can be used in sentences. 

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What are Nouns?

Nouns are part of a speech which comprise words that are used to name a person, animal, object, place and idea. Almost every sentence will have a noun, performing a different role. Other than this, nouns can act as the subject, a direct object, an indirect object and much more. Lastly, nouns can also function as verbs and adjectives.

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Types of Nouns

Talking about nouns, there are namely of 8 types. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Proper Nouns

Proper nouns are said to have two features: they are used to name specific one-of-a-kind items and always begin with capital letters. Examples: Shyam, Paris, London, The Congress Party

Plural Nouns

The nouns indicate several people, places or things. They change into plural nouns by adding ‘s’, ‘es’, ‘ves’ or ‘ies’ at the end of the word. Example: Boats, Cats, Dogs, Machines

Common Nouns

These are not used for naming a specific person, thing or place. Rather they are used for suitable for a generic category. Example: Fork, Spoon, Child, Water bottle

Singular Nouns

As the name suggests, these nouns are used to indicate a single object, person, bird, animal or anything. Example: Pen, Chalk, Pigeon, Game

Countable Nouns

These can be counted and measured in numbers. These nouns can be both singular and plural. Example: Two apples, Three pencils, Mother

Uncountable Nouns

Also known as un-count nouns, these nouns cannot be counted or measured in numbers. Example: Butter, Cash, Gold, Chaos, Humour.

Abstract Nouns

The five senses of the body cannot perceive this noun. They only exist in thought or as an idea. Examples: truth, courage, hunger, brave

Collective Nouns

These nouns describe a group of objects, people, things etc. However, they still do not fall under the category of plural nouns. Example: Flock of Birds, Herd of Cows

Examples of Nouns

Below is the list of nouns based on the types.

PlacesBangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur, Basketball court, Tennis court, Swimming Pool
PeopleReema, Seema, Man, Person, Female, The President, Girl, Lady
Animals/Birds/ ReptilesZebra, Lion, Crocodile, Snake, Ostrich, Bear, Flamingo
IdeasDiscovery, Evolution, Invention, Destruction
Objects/ThingsCricket bat, Cycle, Paper, Bag, Blackboard, Cupboard, Chalk

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Exercise 1 Identification of Nouns Exercise for Class 1

Here is a small paragraph where you must identify and list all the nouns.

“The bustling city woke up to the sound of cars honking and people rushing to work. The sun cast its warm rays on the tall buildings, creating a beautiful reflection on the windows. In the park, children were playing with colourful balloons, and the aroma of fresh coffee filled the air from the nearby café. A group of friends gathered at the fountain, chatting and enjoying the lively atmosphere.”

Answers on Identification of Nouns for Class 1

  • city
  • sound
  • cars
  • people
  • work
  • sun
  • rays
  • buildings
  • reflection
  • windows
  • park
  • children
  • balloons
  • aroma
  • coffee
  • air
  • café
  • group
  • friends
  • fountain
  • atmosphere

Exercise 2 Fill in the Blanks With Correct Nouns for Class 1

  1. The __________ chased the ball across the __________.
  2. We went to the __________ to see the __________ exhibit.
  3. Can you pass me the __________ from the __________?
  4. The __________ in the __________ sang a beautiful melody.
  5. My __________ and I visited the __________ for a weekend getaway.

Answers on Fill in the Blanks for Class 1

  1. The dog chased the ball across the field.
  2. We went to the museum to see the art exhibit.
  3. Can you pass me the salt from the kitchen?
  4. The bird in the tree sang a beautiful melody.
  5. My family and I visited the beach for a weekend getaway.

Nouns Practice Exercise PDF for Class 1

To practice more nouns, we have compiled an exercise in the PDF mentioned below. You can download this PDF for Class 1 students.

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What is a simple definition of noun for Class 1 students?

A noun is a word that is used to name a specific entity, such as a thing, place, person etc.

How was the word ‘noun’ derived from?

The word ‘noun’ was derived from the Latin term, through the Anglo-Norman nom (other forms include nomme, and the noun itself). 

What is a common noun?

A Common noun is words used for different types of things, objects, people etc. They are not capitalized and are often used along with articles and other determiners. Examples: dog, professor, city.

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