11+ Best Phrases for Speech (with Sample) in English

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Phrases for Speech: In the domain of English speech, first impressions matter the most. Your opening words set the stage for the rest of your discourse, specifying the technique and pulling it to your audience. The right selection of phrases can make an effective introduction that controls attention and attraction. Therefore, in this blog, you will go through different phrases for speech that can improve your fluency while delivering any speech in English and engaging with your audience in a better way. 

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List of Phrases for Speech – Introduction

An opening for a speech is like saying hello and catching your audience’s attention. It helps in building an instant connection with your audience. Check the following simple phrases for speech writing to get started with:


  • Hello everyone!
  • Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone.
  • Hi everyone, I appreciate for coming!

Introduce Yourself

  • My name is (Your Name) and (briefly say why you are speaking)
  • I am here today to convey some ideas on

Hook them in

  • Have you ever thought about
  • Do you know that
  • Visualize a world where
  • Today, I’d like to talk about

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11+ Phrases for Speech Writing to Use in Between

Whether you use a formal or informal tone, engaging the audience through positive body language and a warm welcome is necessary. Therefore, below are some basic phrases that students can include in their speech on any particular topic. 

  • Good morning/afternoon everyone and welcome to my presentation.
  • Let me begin by expressing a few words about my background.
  • As you can see on the screen, our topic today is…
  • My talk is especially relevant to those of you who…
  • This talk is scheduled to act as a springboard for discussion
  • Have you ever thought…?
  • Let me be clear,
  • That being said…
  • Let’s all work together to…
  • A little fun fact is…
  • On the one hand, 
  • It is a wake-up call
  • Given the present scenario, 

Usage of Phrases for Speech – Sample

Using phrases in speech can improve communication by adding type, clarity, and focus. Below are some ways to use phrases in speech:

  • Formatting your speech: Phrases help you collect your thoughts and show your audience through your notes. You can use them to introduce your topics, signal transitions, and summarize. 

Examples include: “Tomorrow they’ll discuss…“, “Next, let’s move on to…“, “In closing…“.

  • Improving transparency and flow:  Phrases can smoothen the flow of your speech and make more easier for your listeners to follow your thoughts. You can use transition phrases to connect ideas and avoid abrupt endings.  

Examples include: “On the other hand…“, “Because of this…“, and “This further highlights…“.

  • Engaging your audience: Using specific phrases can capture attention, spark interest, and make your speech more impressive. Such as: “Imagine this…“, “The question is…“, “What most people don’t know is…“.

Climate Change Speech Sample

Check the following sample speech to note the usage of phrases and how it up-lifts the fluency of a paragraph: 

Usage of Phrases  in Speech
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What do you express first in a presentation?

The self-introduction is your chance to make a good first impression. Be sure to open with a warm welcome and use language that is familiar and natural. Based on your audience, there are a few different expressions you can use to start your presentation.

What is the most suitable sentence to start your presentation?

At the start of each presentation, you should include your audience. Depending on who you are addressing, you should develop a more or less formal welcome.

Which phrase is utilised during a presentation?

When you are delivering a presentation in English, you might like to underline a certain piece of information or something important. You can use phrases such as, ‘I want to highlight …’, ‘I want to briefly address, or ‘Now, let’s discuss

This was all about phrases for speech in English grammar. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the page of Learn English on the Leverage Edu website for more exciting and informative blogs.

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