Day of Reckoning Meaning, Synonyms, Examples

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day of reckoning meaning

Day of Reckoning Meaning: When someone wrongs you, you warn them that they will pay for what they did. That they will soon face their “Day of Reckoning”, meaning that they will be held accountable for their actions and punished accordingly. The idiom also refers to when a person’s misdeeds are finally acknowledged and punished. Continue reading the blog post below and uncover more about the idiom Day of Reckoning Meaning with examples.

Usage with Examples

Here are some ways in which you can use the idiom “Day of Reckoning” in everyday sentences:

  1. Even on his day of reckoning, the serial killer showed absolutely no remorse for his crimes.
  2. The gods would bring about a day of reckoning for mortals who defied their will.
  3. The company had been evading taxes for a long time, but the day of reckoning came when the authorities raided their offices and seized their records.
  4. The day of reckoning finally arrived when his crimes were exposed.
  5. She had been cheating on her exams for years, but her day of reckoning arrived when she failed the final test miserably.
  6. The day of reckoning for our neglect of the environment is fast approaching.
  7. Tom continued to indulge in unhealthy habits until the day of reckoning when he suffered a heart attack.
  8. Polluting industries will eventually face a day of reckoning as governments and societies demand more sustainable practices.

Day of Reckoning: Synonyms and Similar Words

Here are some words and phrases having the same meaning as the idiom “Day of Reckoning”:

  1. Doomsday
  2. Day of Doom
  3. Doom
  4. Judgement Day
  5. Trumpet of Doom
  6. Crack of Doom
  7. Day of Judgement
  8. End of the World
  9. Last Judgement

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Day of Reckoning Meaning Quiz

Which of the following sentences uses the idiom “day of reckoning” correctly?

A) He was looking forward to his day of reckoning when he would finally get his promotion and raise.

B) She had been saving money for her day of reckoning when she would buy her dream house and car.

C) He had been avoiding his day of reckoning when he would have to face his angry wife and explain his affair.

D) She had been preparing for her day of reckoning when she would run a marathon and break the world record.

Correct answer: C) He had been avoiding his day of reckoning when he would have to face his angry wife and explain his affair.

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What does the phrase “day of reckoning” mean?

When someone refers to the “day of reckoning,” they refer to a future event or period of time when individuals will have to confront a difficult circumstance they have so far avoided.

What is the synonym of day of reckoning?

The synonyms for Day of reckoning are calculation, estimation or statement.

Give example of the idiom day of reckoning.

The day of reckoning came when they were fined millions of dollars.

So this was all about understanding the idiom “Day of Reckoning” meaning and its usage. Want to learn more idioms like these daily? Then keep following our Learn English Page.

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