Top 10 Idioms for Appreciation That You Should Know!

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Idioms for Appreciation

There are various idioms and phrases in English which can be used to describe one’s expression or feeling of appreciation. However, idioms often carry cultural nuances, so be sure to use them in contexts where they are easily understood. Continue reading this blog to learn the meanings and usage of idioms for appreciation which will help you get familiarised with it and practice the same.

Tip One’s Hat to (someone/something)

Meaning: This idiom means to raise or touch someone’s hat or cap as a way of showing respect or admiration for someone or something.

Example: “I have to tip my hat to Sarah for her dedication to the project. She went above and beyond.”

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Meaning: It means to praise or acknowledge someone’s efforts or accomplishments for achieving what they have done.

Example: “Let’s give credit where credit is due and recognize Jake’s contribution to the team’s success.”

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Hats Off 

Meaning: This idiom is to express admiration or respect for someone’s achievement.

Example: “Hats off to the chef for preparing such a delicious meal.”

Pat on the Back

Meaning: Praise or recognition for a job well done.

Example: “The boss gave me a pat on the back for completing the project ahead of schedule.”

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Sing Someone’s Praises

Meaning: To speak highly of someone’s abilities or achievements.

Example: “Everyone was singing Jane’s praises after her excellent presentation.”

In Someone’s Debt

Meaning: To owe gratitude or appreciation to someone.

Example: “I’m forever in your debt for helping me through a tough time.”

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A Feather in One’s Cap

Meaning: An accomplishment or achievement that one can be proud of.

Example: “Winning that prestigious award is a real feather in her cap.”

Bouquet of Roses

Meaning: An expression of admiration or appreciation.

Example: “His heartfelt thank-you note was like a bouquet of roses.”

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Gold Star

Meaning: Symbolic recognition for a job well done.

Example: “Your excellent performance in the project deserves a gold star.”

Rise to the Occasion

Meaning: To perform exceptionally well in a challenging situation.

Example: “She really rose to the occasion during the crisis, showing great leadership.”

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Q.1. What are the idioms for admiring someone?

Idioms for admiring someone are:
1. Hold someone in high regard
2. Look up to someone
3. Sing someone’s praises

Q.2. What are the best compliment idioms?

The “best” compliment idiom depends on the specific situation and what quality you want to highlight in the person. Some of the best idioms to compliment someone are –
1. The cat’s meow
2. The cream of the crop
3. Top banana

Q.3. What are the idioms to praise someone?

Some of the best idioms to praise someone are –
1. Sharp as a tack
2. A quick study
3. A whiz at something

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