Top 10 Idioms for Reading You Should Know!

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Are you eager to learn English idioms to enhance your English speaking skills? Books are excellent sources of information and inspiration. It follows that the existence of intriguing idioms in the English language that allude to books is not surprising. 

Continue reading to discover the top 10 idioms for reading that are included in the blog article below. 

Read Between the Lines

The meaning of the idiom is to understand the hidden or implied meaning in a text.

Example: She didn’t say it directly, but if you read between the lines, it’s clear that she’s unhappy with the situation.

Hit the Books

The phrase can be used when one starts studying or reading intensively.

Example: I have a big exam coming up, so I need to hit the books this weekend.

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By the Book

The idiom by the book means to follow rules or procedures exactly.

Example: The investigation was conducted by the book to ensure fairness and accuracy.

In Black and White

The idiom black and white can be used while clearly stating in writing or printing.

Example: The terms of the contract were presented in black and white, leaving no room for confusion.

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Turn Over a New Leaf

The idiom means to start fresh or change one’s behaviour for the better.

Example: After his health scare, he decided to turn over a new leaf and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Read the Riot Act

The idioms read the riot can be explained as, delivering a stern warning or reprimand.

Example: The manager read the riot act to the team after they missed the project deadline.

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A Closed Book

The idiom closed book can be used in a situation where something is difficult to understand or a mystery.

Example: Calculus is like a closed book to me; I just can’t grasp the concepts.

Have One’s Nose in a Book

To be engrossed in reading a book can be termed as having one’s nose in a book idiom.

Example: Whenever I walk into her room, she’s always got her nose in a book.

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Read Someone Like a Book

The idiom means to understand someone’s thoughts, feelings, or intentions easily.

Example: I can tell when he’s lying; I can read him like a book.

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