Idioms for Kids: 7 Best Idioms with Meaning and Example

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Idioms are a fun and creative way to express ourselves in English. They add colour and flair to our language, making it more interesting and engaging. For kids, learning idioms can be a fun way to improve their vocabulary and understanding of figurative language. Here are some of the best idioms that every kid should know:

A Piece of Cake 

The idiom A piece of cake refers to something that is very easy to do. Therefore, this phrase can work as a motivation to help a kid with easy and fun learning. 

Example: The math test was a piece of cake for me.

Break a Leg

The idiom Break a leg is a creative way to wish Good luck. In other words, it is suitable to wish luck in a more creative way.

Example: Break a leg on your performance tonight.

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Cat Got Your Tongue

This metaphorical phrase is well suited to talk about someone who does not want to or is unable to speak. This may be out of nervousness, fear, or any circumstantial situation. 

Example: Why aren’t you answering my question? Cat got your tongue?

Cry over Spilled Milk

The idiom Cry over spilt milk refers to being upset over something that cannot be changed. 

Example: Don’t cry over spilt milk, let’s just clean it up.

Kick the Bucket

Kick the bucket is an idiomatic phrase suitable to talk about dying or someone dead. 

Example: My grandpa kicked the bucket last year.

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Let the Cat Out of the Bag

When you ask someone to let the cat out of the bag then most probably you want him or her to reveal a secret. 

Example: I accidentally let the cat out of the bag about the surprise party.

Piece of the Pie

The idiom Piece of the pie is most appropriate to teach about the habit of sharing something. 

Example: Everyone who helped with the project gets a piece of the pie.

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Learning idioms can be a fun way to improve your English skills and impress your friends and family with your creative language use. So go ahead and use these idioms for kids in your daily conversations and see how they add fun and flavour to your language! To read more about idioms you can check our page at Leverage Edu.

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