Roll with the Punches Meaning, Definition, Example, Synonym 

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The meaning of Roll with the Punches signifies a person’s positive state of mind. To elaborate, when a person rolls with the punches then no negative emotions, failure, or criticism can get him down. 

In popular culture, the idiom comes from the sport of boxing, where fighters train to move their bodies and heads in response to an opponent’s punches, rather than standing still and taking the full impact.

The phrase was first used figuratively in the 1940s and has since become a common expression of the idea of being able to handle life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

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Usage with Examples

The usage of the Roll with the Punches is well-suited to imply a habit to adapt to difficult situations or setbacks by being flexible and resilient, rather than becoming overwhelmed or defeated.

Let’s take a closer look at these examples to master the usage of the idiom ‘Roll with the Punches’:

  • After losing her job, Jane decided to roll with the punches and start her own business.
  • Despite facing numerous obstacles, the team was able to roll with the punches and still finish the project on time.
  • When his flight was cancelled, Tom rolled with the punches and found a different way to get to his destination. 

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Roll with the Punches Synonyms

You can also use these synonymous phrases of Roll with the Punches having similar meanings:

  • Adapt to adversity
  • Go with the flow
  • Be flexible
  • Take things in stride
  • Adjust to setbacks 

Roll with the Punches Meaning Quiz

Choose the correct option to complete the sentence: “Instead of getting angry about the unexpected rain, Sarah decided to roll with the punches…”

  • To directly head home.
  • And enjoy a cosy night in.
  • To take a nap in frustration. 

Answer: And enjoy a cosy night in.

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