Conspiracy of Silence Meaning, Usage With Examples, Synonyms

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Conspiracy of Silence

The idiom ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ meaning is a condition or situation in which a group of people willingly or deliberately avoid discussion about a particular topic or issue.

It implies that the group members have some sort of hidden agreement or understanding where they are maintaining silence about something, often for reasons such as fear, protection of personal interests or preservation of a particular idol or image or status quo.

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Usage With Examples

Conspiracy of silence is not just a phrase, it’s a condition which can occur in different contexts and situations within organizations, communities, or at social levels. It is often associated or linked with controversial and sensitive subjects which a lot of people find uncomfortable to talk about, leading to a lack of transparency, accountability and harm to individuals or society as a whole.

Here are some examples of this idiom which will give you an idea about how to use it appropriately.

  • ‘There was a conspiracy of silence among the students when the class teacher got to know about the fight between students.’
  • The election scam involved big politicians and businessmen, but there was a conspiracy of silence among them, as they were aware of the potential harm to their image and business.’
  • ‘I watched a movie which shed light on the conspiracy of silence surrounding the government’s involvement in the illegal activities, that involved high-ranking officials and intelligence agencies.’
  • ‘If there is harassment at the workplace, a lot of times victims find themselves in a conspiracy of silence, as their colleagues and others fear speaking up due to potential retaliation or damage to their job or careers.’

Conspiracy of Silence Meaning Similar Words and Synonyms

The phrase ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ has a lot of similar words and synonyms that can be used in different contexts. Here are some of the most popular synonyms for conspiracy of silence.

  • Secretiveness
  • Uncommunicativeness
  • Culture of Secrecy
  • Omertà

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Conspiracy of Silence Quiz

The public outcry over high prices of daily use items highlighted the long-standing conspiracy of silence against the government’s tax policies because

  1. The government made false promises
  2. Not everyone was able to buy high-priced food
  3. People became adamant

Ans. The government made false promises

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