Cry for the Moon Meaning, Usage With Example

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Cry for the moon

Cry for the moon meaning is to ask for something which is logically not possible or cannot be achieved or completed. It refers to asking or making an unrealistic request or desire from someone. It mostly suggests a sense of yearning or longing for something which is not within reach or grasp.

The origin of this English idiom is vague, but it derives from the notion that the moon, which is a celestial object or body, is far from reach and cannot be obtained. Therefore, crying for the moon or asking for the moon implies a desire for something that is out of reach or cannot be attained.

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Usage with Example

The cry for the moon idiom is mostly used when someone is making a demand or asking for something. Consider this example, ‘Her demand for $2 million is like she is crying for the moon.’ In this statement, the person is demanding a huge amount of money which everybody cannot give or have.’

Here are some more examples of the idiom cry for the moon which will give you ideas about how to use them in different situations.

  • ‘Mia asked for a month-long vacation from his boss without using any of her accumulated leaves. She was clearly crying for the moon.’
  • ‘Micheal wants to win an Olympic gold medal without working hard. It’s like he is crying for the moon.’
  • ‘Rachel had a dream where she was winning an award as a professional singer without taking any vocal lessons. Her aspirations were crying for the moon.’

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Cry for the Moon

The English idiom cry for the moon has a lot of synonyms and similar words, which can be used in different contexts and situations. Here’s a list of some of the most popular synonyms that can be useful.

  • Ask for the impossible
  • Make an unreasonable demand
  • Cannot be achieved
  • Demand the impossible

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Cry for the Moon Meaning Quiz

Hershel was crying for the moon as he:

  1. wants to travel to Mars
  2. will be turning 45 next month
  3. owns a restaurant

Ans. Wants to travel to Mars.

This was all about the idiom cry for the moon meaning and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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