Rain On My Parade Meaning with Examples, Synonyms

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rain on my parade

The phrase “rain on my parade” is an idiom that means to spoil someone’s plans, enthusiasm, or celebration by introducing negative or discouraging factors.

Essentially, it conveys the idea of someone intentionally or unintentionally dampening another person’s excitement or joyous occasion.

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Usage with Examples

The idiom expression implies that someone or something has come along to ruin a person’s positive experience or plans, typically by offering criticism, negative comments, or general negativity.

Overall, the phrase “rain on my parade” conveys the notion of someone spoiling another person’s enjoyment or optimism by introducing negativity or criticism into what should be a positive or celebratory moment.

Mentioned below are some examples where you can use the idiom rain on my parade:

  • I was so excited about my promotion, but my coworker’s constant criticism really rained on my parade.
  • As he announced his promotion at work, his colleague couldn’t resist raining on his parade by belittling his achievements and highlighting his past mistakes.
  • His family’s lack of enthusiasm for his new business venture rained on his parade, leaving him feeling discouraged.

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Rain On My Parade

However, mentioned below are a few synonyms and related words to rain on my parade:

  • Burst my bubble
  • Put a damper on things
  • Spoil the fun
  • Ruin my day

Rain On My Parade Meaning Quiz

She was thrilled to showcase her talent at the dance competition, but a sudden injury:

  • made her sad
  • rained on her parade
  • was painful for her

Answer: rained on her parade

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