Pull Someone’s Leg Meaning, Example, Synonyms

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The Idiom “Pull Someone’s Leg” typically refers to “trying to persuade someone to believe something that is not true, as a joke”. It is accurate in a situation where someone trick or lie to someone in a playful way and does not hurt someone’s feelings.

It is a phrase from Scotland and is driven from theory to pull someone’s leg and make them look foolish. This act of pulling someone’s leg is generally done all the time around us or maybe with us by our friends and family.

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Usage with Example

The idiom to pull someone’s leg means to deceive or joke in a playful, harmless way. A few examples of this idiom are:

  • Don’t pay attention to what she said. She’s just pulling your leg.
  • Are you serious about it? Seems like you are pulling my leg.
  • Did she mean it when she said she’s not taking you along or was she just pulling your leg?
  • Being his childhood friend, he was always pulling Rohan’s leg, but he has always been there for him whenever Roan needed help.

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Pull Someone’s Leg Synonyms

Given below are some synonyms for this idiom:

  • Lead one down the garden path
  • Pull the wool over one’s eyes
  • Suck in
  • String along
  • Make fun of

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Pull Someone’s Leg Quiz

I was just pulling your leg when I said that:

  • he threw your phone down from the 5th floor.
  • I am feeling sleepy
  • I wanted to go home

Answer: he threw your phone down from the 5th floor.

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