Busy as a Beaver Meaning, Usage With Example

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busy as a beaver

The idiom ‘busy as a beaver’ meaning is to describe someone who is incredibly busy, hardworking and industrious. This idiom originates from the behaviours of beavers, who are known for their active work in building and maintaining lodges and dams. 

Beavers are working constantly to keep themselves busy, and doing activities like cutting down trees, collecting materials, constructing intricate structures, etc. This is an optimistic way to recognise someone’s hard work and dedication towards their projects and activities.

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Usage With Example

When the phrase ‘busy as a beaver’ is used in a sentence, it refers to likening their level of activity and productivity to that of a beaver, indicating the fact that they work efficiently and tirelessly to complete their tasks. Below we have mentioned some examples of the idiom busy as a beaver to have a better understanding of this idiom.

  • ‘Prashant has been busy as a beaver, studying late at night at the office daily to complete the project before the deadline.’
  • The construction workers were busy as a beaver to build this building in the given time period.’
  • The hotel staff are busy as a beaver during the holiday season, as a lot of people are out to travel.’
  • The students were busy as a beaver during the art class, as there was new equipment brought by the school.’

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Busy as a Beaver Meaning Synonyms and Similar Phrases

There are a lot of similar words and phrases to the idiom busy as a beaver. Here’s a list of some of the similar words to this idiom.

  • Restless
  • Humming
  • Hectic
  • Bustling
  • Hustling

Busy as a Beaver Meaning Quiz

After the couple bought their new house, they were busy as a beaver in

  • Painting, decorating, and making it feel like home.
  • Planing their everyday tasks
  • Preparing their breakfast

Ans. Painting, decorating, and making it feel like home.

This was all about the idiom busy as a beaver meaning with example. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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