Turn The Tables Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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The idiom Turn the tables meaning is to alter a circumstance so that you now have the upper hand over someone who used to have it. Turning the tables dramatically alters or even reverses the situation. When you are designated “it” in a game of tag, you turn the tables on your pursuant and begin pursuing her rather than attempting to flee.

You turn the tables on your adversary once you begin to succeed after failing. If you come from behind to win the game after a shaky start, you’ll turn the tables on your opponent. The expression “turn the tables” is aptly derived from the backgammon game-playing custom of flipping the board around so that players can switch positions.

Usage with Example

The examples of the idiom turn the table are:

  • With the election only days away, we must be ready as the opposition may attempt to turn the tables using underhanded tactics.
  • “Let’s turn the table in the second half,” the coach shouted as we stepped back onto the field after halftime.
  • Today’s hearing promises to be captivating. The explosive testimony of our witness will completely turn the table to the dynamics of this case.

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Turn the Table Synonyms

The synonyms of the idiom Turn the Table are: 

  • Swap
  • Alternate
  • Bandy
  • Bargain
  • Barter
  • Castle
  • Change
  • Commute

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Turn the Table Quiz

I sure hope my son will turn the tables and

  • Lead the team
  • become serious about his studies
  • Cook  for breakfast

Answer: become serious about his studies

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