19+ Antonyms of Famous, Meaning and Examples

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In general, the word “famous” is used to describe individuals, places, or things that have attained a significant level of public recognition or admiration. Some common antonyms of the word are unknown, obscure, unnoticed, unsung, unfamiliar etc. Continue reading the blog article below to learn more about antonyms of famous with its multiple examples.

Meaning of Famous

Famous” is an adjective used to describe someone or something widely recognized, well-known, and widely celebrated. When a person or thing is famous, it means that they have achieved a high level of visibility, popularity, or renown, often due to noteworthy achievements, widespread acknowledgement, or public acclaim.

Antonyms of Famous

Here are at least 20 antonyms of “famous”:

  1. Unknown
  2. Obscure
  3. Anonymous
  4. Unrecognized
  5. Inconspicuous
  6. Ignored
  7. Unremarkable
  8. Uncelebrated
  9. Unnoticed
  10. Undistinguished
  11. Unheralded
  12. Unpublicized
  13. Unsung
  14. Unfamiliar
  15. Unacknowledged
  16. Insignificant
  17. Overlooked
  18. Ignored
  19. Nameless
  20. Unnoticed

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Usage with Examples

Here are examples illustrating the antonyms of “famous” in various sentences:

  • The artist remained unknown for years until a recent gallery exhibition brought attention to their work.
  • The author chose to publish the book under an anonymous pseudonym.
  • Her contributions to the project went unrecognized by most team members.
  • Despite their efforts, the team’s achievements were ignored by the larger community.

Antonyms of Famous Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of famous from the option listed below:

  • Unknown
  • Rigid
  • Exercising

Answer: Unknown

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