Pranati Nayak: The Only Indian Gymnast at Hangzhou Finals 2023

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Pranati Nayak

India’s hope Pranati Nayak secured 4th position at the Hangzhou Asian Games 2023, with a total score is 12.350. Gymnastics is a sports discipline that involves a combination of strength and flexibility, along with balance, agility, coordination and endurance. Played the Olympics and other international meets, Gymnastics is grouped into categories – Artistic, Rhythmic and Trampoline. Let’s explore more about Pranati Nayak and her life as a gymnast.

Who is Pranati Nayak?

Pranati Nayak is an Indian artistic gymnast. She is a bronze medallist at the 2019 Asian Championships and is the third Indian gymnast to win an international medal on the vault, after Dipa Karmakar and Aruna Reddy. Currently, she secured 4th position at the Hangzhou Asian Games 2023 with a final score of 12.350 in the Vault category.

Source – The Times of India

Pranati Nayak is the second Indian female Gymnast to qualify for the Summer Olympics; the first being Dipa Karmakar. She represented India at the 2014 and 2018 Commonwealth Games, 2018 Asian Games, and the World Championships at 2014, 2017 and 2019. In 2019, she was the Indian all-around champion in gymnastics.

Her first major international competition was the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014 where she competed in the team category. Unfortunately, she was placed in 11th position along with her teammates:  Dipa Karmakar, Pranati Das, Rucha Divekar, and Aruna Reddy.

The table below highlights the final score of Gymnastics at Hangzhou Asian Games 2023.

Source – The Times of India

There has been tremendous growth of Gymnastics in India, all thanks to the historic 4th place of Dipa Karmakar at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Ashish Kumar was the first to win a medal for India in Gymnastics at the 2010 Commonwealth Games here in New Delhi. It was in 2014 when Dipa Karmakar took centre stage and executed the Produnova vault, a vault consisting of a front handspring onto the vaulting horse. The table below highlights the total medals won by Indian gymnasts at major sporting events.

World Championships1012
Asian Games0011
Asian Championships0033
Commonwealth Games0123


Who is Pranati Nayak?

Pranati Nayak is an Indian artistic gymnast and is currently participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games 2023. She is a two time medallist in Commonwealth Games and Asian Games.

Has India won an Olympic medal in gymnastics?

Till date, India has not won a single Olympic medal in gymnastics. Dipa Karmakar is the only till date to every come close to win a bronze at Olympics, but was disqualified.

What is the age of Pranati Nayak?

Pranati Nayak is a 28-year old Indian artistic gymnast and was born in West Midnapore, West Bengal.

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