Write a Letter to the Editor of a Local Newspaper About the Cleanliness of your City: Check Samples 

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Write a Letter to the Editor of a Local Newspaper About the Cleanliness of your City

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is important for students to stay healthy. A clean environment helps in better learning. Habits of washing hands before meals and after using the washroom help in avoiding infections. Apart from their personal life, the students should practice keeping their classrooms, desks, and surroundings litter-free by properly disposing of waste. Furthermore, I should also take care of personal hygiene. Students should bathe daily using soap and should wear neat and clean clothes. Following good hygiene practices and keeping clean habits will help students stay strong, focused and ready to learn.

In today´s section of letter writing we are going to cover 3 samples regarding the concern of the cleanliness of the city. All three letters will address the Editors of the newspapers to raise awareness of a social issue in the general public. 

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Write a Letter to the Editor of a Local Newspaper About the Cleanliness of your City: Sample 1

Building Number 43 C
East Palanpur
Telangana – 100989

21 January 2024

The Editor The Indian Express
Telangana – 199309

Subject: Letter regarding the concerns about the cleanliness of the city

Respected Sir/Ma´am,

I am writing this letter to express my concerns regarding the cleanliness and hygiene conditions in our city. As a resident of the city, I feel I must bring some important issues to light.

Our city is home to more than 4 lakh people yet the city lacks proper sanitation, basic facilities and waste management. Heaps of garbage dot the streets and the colonies. Stray animals are often seen on these piles and across footpaths. The broken sewage pipes frequently overflow onto the roads, leaving the puddles with dirty stagnant water that become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and flies. The drains that were built for the channel of rainwater runoff are clogged with plastic bags and other waste stuff. During monsoons, one can find the problem of waterlogging and filth spreading diseases in the city. What is more concerning here is the unhygienic environment that poses health risks, especially to children and old age people. One can find regular outbreaks of dengue in the city. We have tried hundreds of times to complain to the municipal authorities and have sadly fallen on deaf ears. Though we people are regular taxpayers, the city hardly sees the benefits of the civic amenities. Garbage collectors are inconsistent and sometimes skip the scheduled garbage pickups for weeks. 

I sincerely request the municipal commissioner to urgently look into the matter of unsanitary conditions. With monsoon arriving, the risks of disease outbreaks and flooding in the city is high. I hope this letter will result in swift action to make our city a cleaner, healthier place to live for all. The citizens are willing to cooperate, but authorities have to meet halfway.

Concerned Citizen,
Shweta Sharma
Source: Quesnly

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Write a Letter to the Editor of a Local Newspaper About the Cleanliness of your City: Sample 2

54 Avenue, Jopling Road
Mahaswami Building

11 January 2024

The Editor 
The Hindustan Times
Telangana – 199307

Subject: For raising the concern in cleanliness of the city

Respected Sir/Ma´am,

Through the esteemed column of your newspaper, I wish to draw your attention to the appalling lack of cleanliness along the riverside areas in our city. As a concerned citizen, I request the municipal authorities and local communities to take action on this urgent issue.

As you know our city is blessed to have the holy river Krishna through its heart. However, the years of disposal of water, unchecked construction and lack of civic sense have turned the bank of the river into filthy disease breeding grounds.

Walking around the riverside, which lies in the heart of the city is disheartening. The mounds of plastic, waste, medical refuse, sewage, agricultural run-off and religious offerings can be easily seen in the water. Cows and stray animal waste can be easily seen on the banks of the river. During the rains, the swollen drains cause more piles of garbage in the river. All this untreated wastage is a major source of diseases like diarrhoea, typhoid, and hepatitis.

The unauthorized dwellings are mushrooming near the riverside. The sanitary waste from these houses is yet another concern for the polluted water discharged into the water. Furthermore, people living on the banks of the river even use the contaminated water for washing, bathing and cooking.
The scenario is concerning not just for the health of the public but also for the future of the river. The river which was once the lifeline of our city for biodiversity, is now struggling. The negligence of people and authorities towards the river is saddening.

I therefore want to appeal regarding the stop of deterioration of the river Kaveri in our city. Let us come together and transform its banks into clean, healthy, public spaces we can be proud of. I hope more voices will demand action of mine.

Concerned Citizen
Akshay Sharma

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Write a Letter to the Editor of a Local Newspaper about the Cleanliness: Sample 3

Write a Letter to the Editor of a Local Newspaper about the Cleanliness 

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1. How to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper highlighting the importance of cleanliness?

Ans. To highlight the importance of cleanliness, highlight the civic issues like litter, sewage, and pollution due to poor hygiene. One can give specific suggestions for improvement too.

2. How to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper?

Ans. Writing a letter to the editor can bring attention to a local issue. Try to make the letter constructive. Suggest solutions and offer to work jointly.

3. How to write a letter to a newspaper editor on local problems?

Ans. To eradicate the local problem, focus on the key issue. Describe the problem and feasible solution for the problem. 

4. How to write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper to publish in his daily newspaper about the frequent power cuts in your locality?

Ans. One can highlight the inconvenience faced and the impact of frequent power cuts on life and business. Urge for necessary action to be taken by the concerned authorities.

5. How to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about the increasing population of stray dogs?

Ans. Mention the risk of diseases, attacks on animals, and discomfort situations, especially for kids and the elderly. One can request sterilizations and shelters for stray dogs too. 

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