Essay on Women in Sports: Samples in 100 and 200 Words in English

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Essay On Women in Sports

In the last couple of years, women have proven that they can shatter the limits and outshine in several fields be it jobs, education, or sports. Women are taking the lead. Although they are excelling in every field, they are still not getting the recognition they deserve. There is a lot to talk about women in sports. Hence, we have tried to include the same in the samples of essay on women in sports. Let’s explore the same. 

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Essay on Women in Sports in 100 words

In the current scenario, women have made strives and have broken the traditional female mould. Instead of just sitting at home, and doing household chores, women are taking the lead in all major aspects such as jobs, education, and even in sports. Indian women have inspired the nation with their victories, especially in recent times. Athletes like PV Sindhu have stood on the Olympic podium holding silver medals, and Sakshi Malik in 2016 became the first Indian woman to win an Olympic wrestling medal. There is no doubt that if given the opportunity, women can outshine in sports at a great level and break all the stereotypes. 

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Essay on Women in Sports in 200 words

Women in the last several years have made leaps and bounds of progress in many fields such as jobs, education and sports as well. There is no doubt that if given the opportunity, women are capable of much more than just handling the household chores. In recent times, women have been competing in sports, as there are now opportunities being made available for women in that arena but even after all this, they are not portrayed in the same light as the male athletes. 

Many women have made their country proud. Women like PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik have won medals in the Olympics and added to the respect and honour of the country. 

There should be equality in sports that is not measured merely by their prowess in playing the sport but also by the percentage of athletes compared to the total number eligible. Women have made many great strides to prove that they can outperform in sports as well. When compared to previous times, women have come a long way but still there is a long way to go. To encourage more female athletes, increases in scholarships, salaries, recruitment, etc have to be made. They have to be treated as equals when it comes to competing in sports. 

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Q.1. What is the role of sports in women’s empowerment?

Ans: By winning medals and earning the honour for their country, women break the norms of stereotyping and the chains that limit them to just household chores. They make huge strides and make themselves and their families proud hence contributing to women’s empowerment.

Q.2. Who is the sports queen of India?

Ans: P. T. Usha is considered the sports queen of India.

Q.3. What is the role of women’s participation in sports?

Ans: By participating in sports, women help change the social attitudes of society by breaking the stereotypes that are imposed on them. 

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