Essay on Junk Food: Samples in 150, 250 Words

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Essay on junk food

Food is the main source of energy. It is important to consume healthy food. Any food product that contains a high percentage of saturated fats or trans fats is referred to as Junk food. The term junk itself indicates that it is harmful to our health. To lead a healthy lifestyle it is important to avoid the overconsumption of junk food. However, junk food has gained popularity because we consume it on a regular basis. Here we have provided an essay on junk food for children and school-going students. It will provide a general overview of how to draft an essay on junk food. Continue reading!

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Essay on Junk Food in 150 Words

Junk food has become a prevalent component of the modern diet. It is not only attracting the young generation but is also getting induced in their daily diet. Habitual consumption of junk food causes serious health issues because it is high in calorie content. Processed food with high content of saturated and trans fats, or high sugar content comes under this category.

Street food places and the majority of food chains and restaurants are serving food in high quantities, thereby reducing the consumption of healthier options. People are now prioritizing taste and neglecting the culinary diversity of traditional food.

Another aspect of the over-consumption of junk food is ordering food on a daily basis due to a busy schedule. Besides that, munching on snacks to satisfy hunger is another bad habit that leads to health issues. Such food products lack nutritional components such as dietary fibres, protein, vitamins, iron, etc. 

To conclude, health is an important part of life so, it is important to take care of healthy food habits and avoid the excess consumption of unhealthy or junk food.

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Essay on Junk Food in 250 Words

Junk food refers to the unhealthy food. Consumption of junk food such as pizzas, burgers, fried items, pastries, etc. has alarming consequences. Its effect is witnessed as the global obesity epidemic because the masses are more inclined towards eating junk food.

Impact of Consuming Junk Food

Food high in salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats contributes to weight gain. It will ultimately cause obesity. Obesity is the key source of other diseases that are difficult to cure. Some of the chronic diseases that occur due to the consumption of junk food are high risk of heart failure, GIT disorders, hypertension, diabetes, etc. So, it is crucial to eliminate or reduce the consumption of unhealthy food and replace it with nutritional food. 


Another factor that contributes a lot in favour of a high intake of junk food is its affordability. Junk food is more accessible as it is available on the streets at a cheaper price. The price factor affects people who cannot afford healthier options. Thus, people tend to consume junk food that is comparatively more affordable and accessible.

Taste over Nutritional Value

Nowadays, people are more inclined towards enjoying the taste of food. It’s obvious that crispy and spicy food will attract you more as compared to salads and pulses i.e. much healthier options with high nutritional values. Consuming junk food on a regular basis has become common for many, and this has led to homogeneity in their diets. So, it’s important to choose the healthy option over a tastier option to minimize the negative health impact due to junk food.

In conclusion, having junk food occasionally is acceptable when you visit any party or celebrate any occasion. However, its regular consumption will disturb your dietary habits and also hamper your health for the long term.

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What is a junk food essay?

Junk food is processed and refined food products high in calories due to the high percentage of saturated and trans fats. Most restaurants generally serve junk food as they know that such food is popular among the young generation. However, it is not nutritious and also causes serious health issues such as obesity, diabetes, etc.

What is Junk food in 10 lines?

Following are 10 lines on junk food: Junk food does not possess nutritional value; It causes serious health illness; Junk food is mainly fried food products or packaged foods that have high-calorie content; It lacks dietary fibres; Heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, all such health issues are caused by junk food; Talking in terms of accessibility and affordability, then, such food items are cheaper as compared to healthier options; Excess availability of junk food in the market at cheaper rates is leading to a loss of culinary diversity; Over-consumption of junk food leads to anxiety, depression, and upset stomach; Junk food products are also high in sugar content causing harmful health effects, and Fast food chains and junk food brands are prevalent worldwide, homogenizing diets.

What are the 10 harmful effects of junk food?

The 10 harmful effects of junk food are listed below; Cardiovascular disease; Obesity; Fatty liver; Hypertension; Diabetes; High cholesterol; Kidney damage; Weight gain; Addictive eating patterns, and Dental problems.

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