Explore the Wonders of Science: Class 8 Holiday Homework

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Class 8th holiday homework

Class 8 Holiday Homework: Science helps us understand the world around us. In this class 8 holiday homework, we will explore the interesting concepts of science. We will revise the chapters during our holidays and simultaneously learn how things work and how certain phenomena occur. 

Get ready to answer the questions, and mark your observations of your knowledge of the chapter while answering the questions.

Question 1. Answer in one word:

a. What is the SI unit of force?
b. What is the unit of work?
c. What are the major threats to biodiversity?
d. What is the SI unit of electric current?
e. What is the function of the male reproductive system? 
Question 2. Fill in the blanks: 

a. An object will remain at rest or continue to move at a constant_____unless acted upon by an_____.
b. Work is done when a _______causes a _______in the direction of the force.
c. ______ of plants and animals involves the protection and preservation of biodiversity. 
d. ______ is the flow of electric charge.
e. Sexual reproduction involves the ______ of gametes from two parents.
f. ______light is composed of a ______of colours.
g. The Earth is an oblate ______.
h. ______is a force that opposes ______ between two surfaces in contact.

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Question 3. Solve the numerical given below: 

a. Calculate the acceleration of a car moving from 20 m/s to 40 m/s in 5 seconds.
b. Calculate the work done when a force of 50N is applied to move an object a distance of 10 metres.
c. Calculate the resistance of a wire with a voltage of 12 volts and a current of 3 amps.
d. Calculate the frictional force acting on a box weighing 50N on a surface with a coefficient of friction of 0.3. 
e. Calculate the amount of copper deposited when a current of 2A is passed through a copper sulphate solution for 30 minutes.
Question 4. Draw labeled diagrams of the following:

a. Draw a diagram showing different types of simple machines and their functions.
b. Draw a diagram illustrating the process of fertilisation in animals.
c. Draw a diagram showing the layers of the Earth’s atmosphere.
d. Draw a diagram showing the different parts of a comet.

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Question 5. Give explanations for the following:

a. Explain the 3 laws of Newton with examples.
b. Explain the difference between kinetic and potential energy.
c. Explain the importance of conservation in maintaining ecosystem balance.
d. Explain the difference between AC and DC currents. 
e. Explain the stages of embryonic development in mammals.
f. Explain how the human eye perceives colour.
Question 6. Answer the following questions:

a. How does photosynthesis contribute to the production of oxygen in the atmosphere?
b. How does evaporation contribute to the water cycle, and where does it occur?
c. Discuss the significance of the water cycle for freshwater availability and ecosystem health.
d. What role do stomach acids play in digestion, and how are they regulated to prevent harm to the body?
e. Identify the human activities contributing to global warming and change in the climate.
Question 7. Match the following:
Table ATable B
Newton’s First Law at MotionForce = Mass × Acceleration
Newton’s Second Law of Motion Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
Newton’s Third Law of Motion acted upon by an external forceAn object will remain at rest or in uniform motion unless 
Gravitational Force Forces between two masses
Friction Force that opposes motion between two surfaces in 
Class 8 Holiday Homework
Question 8. Study the picture above and answer the questions based on the picture given:

a. What is an ecosystem, and how is it helpful for living organisms?
b. Describe the components of an ecosystem and their interactions.
c. Explain the concept of ecological succession and give an example.
d. Discuss the role of biodiversity in maintaining ecosystem health and stability.
e. How do human activities impact our ecosystem, and what are the consequences of ecosystem degradation?

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Question 9. State whether the following are True or False. Explain the correct answers:

a. Mass is a measure of the amount of space an object occupies.
b. Friction always slows down the motion of objects.
c. Temperature is a measure of the total energy of particles in a substance. 
d. Balance measures mass, while weight measures the force of gravity acting on an object. 
e. Increasing the temperature of a substance always leads to an increase in its volume.
f. Friction is a force that occurs only between solids.
Question 10. Read the following comprehension:

Mass is the measure of the amount in an object. It is a fundamental property that remains regardless of the location of an object. Mass is typically measured in kilograms (kg) and is distinct from weight, which depends on gravitational force.

Answer the following question based on the above information:
a. Define mass and differentiate it from weight.
b. How is mass measured, and what is its SI unit?
c. Explain the difference between mass and volume.
d. Why does mass remain constant regardless of an object’s location in space?

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Q.1. How do you do summer vacation homework?

Ans: To do summer vacation homework, allocate time each day for the written task. Create a schedule, assign tasks according to manageable parts, and stay organised to complete assignments before school resumes. 

Q.2. How to do creative holiday homework?

Ans: Creative holiday homework can be done by brainstorming ideas, thinking outside the box, using different materials, and exploring interests. Meanwhile, do not enjoy the process of doing summer vacation assignments.

Q.3. Is summer break necessary for students?

Ans: Yes, summer breaks are necessary for students to recharge their energy, relax their minds, pursue hobbies, and spend quality time with family. 

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This was all about class 8 Science holiday homework. Follow school education for more interesting topics. 

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