IGNOU Convocation 2024

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ignou convocation

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a renowned institution that holds an annual convocation ceremony to honour the academic achievements of its students. The IGNOU Convocation serves as a significant event where graduating students receive their degrees and certificates. In this blog, we will delve into the details of the upcoming IGNOU 37th Convocation happening in 2024, including registration procedures, venue information, and key dates. 

Course Name  Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BAPC)
Course Level Graduation
Course Duration Minimum 3 years or Maximum 6 years 
University Name  Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Official Website  www.ignou.ac.in

Registration Process for IGNOU Convocation

The 37th IGNOU Convocation registration process has officially commenced, allowing students who have successfully completed their programs to register online. Unlike some convocation processes that require extensive documentation, IGNOU’s registration is relatively simple. All that is needed is the student’s 9 to 10-digit enrollment number, which was provided during the IGNOU admission process. To register, students can visit the official IGNOU website and follow the provided link for online registration. 

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Venue and Webcast: IGNOU Convocation 2024

The upcoming convocation will mark the 37th edition of IGNOU’s prestigious ceremony. The event is expected to be held in January or February 2024, with the exact date yet to be announced. The convocation will take place both at the IGNOU main campus located in Maidan Garhi, New Delhi and at various regional centres across India. The event will commence at 10:30 AM and will broadcast live on the IGNOU website online. Additionally, the convocation will be streamed on IGNOU’s official Facebook page and Gyandarshan for wider viewing.

Key Details and Dress Code for IGNOU Convocation

For those planning to attend the convocation in person, certain details are essential to note. The convocation fees for all degree categories, including Master’s, Bachelor’s, Ph.D., and diploma, remain consistent at Rs 600 per certificate. However, students pursuing PG Certificate and Certificate programs will need to pay an additional Rs 200 per certificate to receive their respective program certificates.

The dress code for male candidates entails wearing Indian attire in white or cream colours. Similarly, female candidates are required to wear white or cream-coloured salwar kameez or sarees.

Digital Degree Certificates

Starting from the 35th Convocation onwards, IGNOU has introduced the option for students to download their degree certificates online. These digital certificates are based on blockchain technology, ensuring security and authenticity. The process is user-friendly, allowing students to access and download their certificates through the IGNOU Samarth Portal.

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How can I get my convocation certificate from IGNOU?

To obtain your convocation certificate from IGNOU, you must register for the convocation event online. After registration, you can collect your certificate in person at the convocation venue or receive it by mail to your registered address.

How can I download my IGNOU degree certificate online?

You can download your IGNOU degree certificate online through the IGNOU Samarth Portal. The portal offers digital degree certificates based on blockchain technology, ensuring secure and authentic access to your certificate.

Is there any convocation in IGNOU?

Yes, IGNOU holds an annual convocation to honour the academic achievements of its students. The convocation event allows graduating students to receive their degrees and certificates in person, celebrating their accomplishments.

What is the fee for IGNOU certificate verification?

The fee for IGNOU certificate verification is Rs 500 per certificate. This fee is applicable for the verification of various certificates, including degrees, diplomas, and other program certificates issued by IGNOU. Verification requests can be submitted through the IGNOU Online Verification Portal.

The IGNOU Convocation is a momentous occasion that celebrates the dedication and hard work of students who have successfully completed their academic programs. The 37th Convocation in 2024 promises to be an event of significance, with students being able to register easily and attend in person or virtually. This blog has all the information on how to calculate the IGNOU convocation. For more such informative blogs, do follow Indian University updates on Leverage Edu.

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