Top Government Forensic Science Colleges in India

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Government Forensic Science Colleges in India

It always fascinates us when we binge-watch our favourite crime drama on television, like CID or Sherlock Holmes, how forensic experts locate bloodstains and fingerprints at the crime site. Imagine you could be one of them, examining the site of the crime. Obtaining a degree in forensic science is the solution if you’re wondering how to work as a forensic scientist. The Government Forensic Science Colleges in India are listed in this blog. Continue reading! 

What is Forensic Science?

Let’s define forensic science precisely before discussing forensic science colleges in India. The study of science as it relates to criminal and civil laws is known as forensic science. Experts in Forensic Science examine cadavers, decipher clues, and generate proof. Forensic scientists come in different varieties. The Government Forensic Science Colleges in India as well as a variety of forensic science employment opportunities are provided below.

Types of Forensic Science

Did you know that the field of forensic science has various kinds of sciences? These branches cover a wide range of disciplines applied in the investigation and resolution of criminal cases.

Digital ForensicExamination of digital devices for evidence
Forensic PathologyStudy of causes and manner of death
Forensic LinguisticsAnalysis of language in legal contexts
Forensic EngineeringApplication of engineering principles in legal cases
Bloodstain Pattern AnalysisInterpretation of bloodstain patterns at crime scenes
Forensic PsychologyStudy of behavior and mental processes in legal contexts
Forensic ToxicologyAnalysis of chemicals/substances in legal contexts
Forensic AccountingExamination of financial records for legal purposes
Forensic DNA FingerprintingAnalysis of DNA evidence for identification purposes
Forensic ChemistryAnalysis of chemical substances in legal contexts

Top Government Forensic Science Colleges in India

Several Government Forensic Science Colleges in India offer BSc programs in forensic science. The list of Indian colleges offering forensic science programmes and associated costs follows. They are mentioned in the list below. 

Top Government Forensic Science Colleges in India
Location Courses AvailableAverage Tuition Fees
IFS Indian Education Department, PunePuneShort Term Certificate,
Advanced Certificate,
PG Certification,
Professional Specialized Certification,
Universal Certification,
IFS Certification/Certified Expert
5,000 – 35,000 INR
Lady Hardinge Medical College,
New Delhi
New DelhiMD in Forensic Medicine, UG in Forensic Medicine46,800 INR
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi
New DelhiToxicology,
DNA Fingerprinting,
B.Sc in Forensic Science,
M.Sc in Forensic Science
1,150 – 2,650 INR
Institute of Forensic Sciences, MumbaiMumbaiB.Sc in Forensic Sciences,
M.Sc in Forensic Sciences,
P.G/Diploma in Forensic Science Law,
P.G./Diploma in Cyber Law
30,000 – 2.5 Lakh INR
Lok Nayak Jayaprakash
National Institute of Criminology & Forensic Sciences (LNJN), New Delhi
New DelhiB.Sc/M.Sc Forensic Sciences (Integrated),
M.Sc Digital Forensics and Information Security,
MA Criminology
27,000 – 30,000 INR
National Forensic Sciences University, Gandhi NagarGandhi NagarB.Sc – M.Sc Forensic Sciences (Integrated Course), M.Sc Forensic Sciences,
M.Sc Forensic Biotechnology,
M.Sc Multimedia Forensics,
P.G Diploma in Fingerprint Sciences,
P.G Diploma in Forensic Document Examination,
P.G Diploma in Crime Scene Management, M.Sc Cyber Security
50,000 INR

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Educational Qualification Required

To pursue a degree from the Government Forensic Science Colleges in India, you need to qualify for their eligibility criteria. These are the basic eligibility criteria for applying to forensic science programs in India

EducationCompletion of 12th class with Science stream (PCM, PCB, PCMB) from a recognized board
Minimum PercentageScored a minimum of 50% and above in 12th class examination
Course DurationBachelor’s degree course duration is 3 years, spread over six semesters

Career Path of Forensic Science Graduates

These career options offer diverse opportunities for individuals interested in forensic sciences.

Career TitleDescription
Forensic PathologistsExperts who investigate causes and manner of death
Forensic AnthropologistsSpecialists in the identification of human remains
Clinical Forensic Medicine ExpertsMedical professionals who provide expertise in legal cases
Forensic Serology ExpertsProfessionals specializing in the analysis of bodily fluids
Forensic ChemistsExperts in analyzing chemical substances in legal contexts
Forensic LinguistsSpecialists in analyzing language in legal contexts
ToxicologistsProfessionals who study the effects of chemicals on organisms
Forensic Experts/ScientistsGeneral term for professionals applying scientific methods to legal investigations

Recruiters of Forensic Science Graduates

These organisations offer employment opportunities for forensic science graduates in various capacities.

Intelligence Bureau (IB)Government agency responsible for intelligence and national security
The agency is responsible for ensuring product qualityGovernment labs for forensic analysis and research
Quality Control BureauAgency responsible for ensuring product quality
ArmyMilitary organisation
Narcotic Control BureauGovernment agency tasked with combating drug trafficking
Police DepartmentLaw enforcement agency
Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)Premier investigative agency in India
Law firmsLegal entities providing various legal services
HospitalsMedical facilities providing healthcare services

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Salaries of a Forensic Scientist

Following graduation from one of India’s forensic science universities, you’ll have access to a wide range of career opportunities and competitive pay. There are constant career possibilities in the field of forensic science because of its many roles. The basic average wage for a few well-liked job titles in the forensic sciences sector is listed below.

Job PositionAverage Salary
Crime Scene ExaminerINR 9,00,000
Forensic PathologistsINR 4,50,000
Crime Laboratory AnalystsINR 6,50,000
Forensic IT SpecialistsINR 6,00,000
Forensic PsychologistsINR 4,20,000


How many government Forensic Science colleges are there in India?

There are several government Forensic Science colleges in India, with exact numbers varying over time.

Which government college is best for B.Sc. Forensic Science?

Government colleges like Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology & Forensic Science and Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University are renowned for B.Sc. Forensic Science.

Which is the best institute for Forensic Science in India?

The National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU) in Gujarat is considered one of the best institutes for Forensic Science education in India.

Does Forensic Science require NEET?

No, Forensic Science typically does not require NEET. Admission criteria for Forensic Science programs usually involve qualifying exams specific to the field and the institution’s requirements.

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