Can We Get Admission In DU Without CUET?

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Many students often ask: Can We Get Admission in DU Without CUET entrance test? As you know, Delhi University only gives admissions based on the marks scored in CUET examinations. However, there is a twist to this story, you cannot take admission into the regular courses at Delhi University. But you can take admission into the courses of the School of Open Learning (SOL DU). Let’s delve more into this solution with the help of this article.

About School of Open Learning (SOL DU)

You can enroll in this School of Open Learning (SOL DU) if you have qualified for your 10th and 12th class examinations. Once you enroll in the course at SOL, you will have to attend the classes every Sunday. Also, there will be a semester system during your course period. You will have to sit for the examinations, two times a year.

Along with this, you will get every facility like online classes, free study material, recorded lectures, and classes every Sunday. Once you complete your course, you will be given your documents like a mark sheet, provisional certificate, and a degree from Delhi University stating your course and other important information.

Key Point: DU SOL is opted by various students be it the students who have scored well in their examinations or students with low marks in the exams. It can be helpful if you want to acquire new skills along with your college.

Backup Options With Low CUET Score

If you have scored less in the CUET examination or have not appeared for the CUET examination, Then, you can check out the following backup options related to admission to Delhi University.

Off-Campus Colleges of DU: There are various colleges in Delhi University to which you can take admission. It is just the popular names like SRCC, Hindu Hansraj, or the north campus/south campus colleges. Apart from these, there are various other Off-Campus colleges at DU. The cut-off for these colleges is low as compared to the top colleges.

Other Central Universities: Other than Delhi University, you can take admission into other 45+ central universities. 

State Universities: Apart from Delhi University, you can also enroll yourself in state universities that do not ask for high CUET scores.

Private Universities: Other than Delhi University, you can be admission into other 45+ private universities.

NCWEB: Another very good option for you is the Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board. It is a very good option for women who want to continue their studies from correspondence.

IGNOU: Yes, IGNOU is also a very good option if you want to take admission into IGNOU, as it is a very option if we talk about distance education.

Apart from this, various other open education universities provide good education to their students. However, you cannot build trust with every other university, to be extra sure, you need to do extensive research before taking admission to any such university.

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Can we take admission in college without a CUET?

Yes, you can take admission in the School of Open Learning (DU SOL) without giving CUET examination.

Is CUET exam compulsory for Delhi University?

Yes, if you want to take admission into the regular courses of the Delhi University.

Is CUET now compulsory?

Yes, CUET is compulsory to take admission in the top colleges of Delhi University.

This was all about the “Can We Get Admission In DU Without CUET”. For more such informative blogs, check out our Indian University page.

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