SMAT Mock Test 2023: Tips and Tricks

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SMAT Mock Test

Shiv Nadar University Management Admission Test, abbreviated as SMAT, is an entrance exam administered by Shiv Nadar University for admission to its I-Global MBA programme. SMAT Mock Test is a decent way to examine your preparation as a candidate. The SMAT is a comprehensive entrance exam used to shortlist candidates for MBA admission. The university also admits students based on their performance in the GMAT / NMAT exams administered by GMAC. 

Those who have taken any of these exams are not required to take the SMAT. The MBA application process at Shiv Nadar University is entirely online. Candidates who intend to take the SMAT exam must also take the SMAT Mock Test in order to perform well in the SMAT 2023 exam. In addition to evaluating your exam practice, taking the SMAT 2023 Mock Test allows candidates to strengthen their exam preparation. In this article, we will cover about SMAT Mock test in detail.

ExaminationShiv Nadar University Management Aptitude Test 2023
Short FormSMAT 2023
Conducting BodyShiv Nadar University
Exam LevelUniversity Level Exam
FrequencyOnce a Year

Benefits of SMAT Mock Test

Mock papers are tests that are created using the same guidelines as the actual exams. Mock tests follow the same format, comprising the same type of questions, difficulty level, and time constraints. Let us see what are some of the benefits of attempting Mock tests before appearing for the actual exam. 

Less Stress

Mock tests are thought to reduce anxiety because they simulate an “exam-like” experience before the real thing. This allows students to focus more on the paper while remaining calm and focused!

Familiarising with Questions  

Getting questions that seem new is one of the major causes of the exam seems. There are chances that questions are twisted to confuse you and test your knowledge on the topic. However, if you have practised with the right mock tests, no question will feel unfamiliar. This is because you have practised the same pattern of questions, and your brain has learned how to deal with questions of a higher difficulty level.

Time Management  

Some exams are said to be difficult because they require candidates to answer a large number of questions in a short period of time. This creates difficulties, such as achieving accuracy and answering all the questions.

However, by practising with mock tests, you can increase your speed and practise answering questions quickly and accurately. This greatly improves performance by managing time well

Self Analysis

SLET Exam preparation can be done correctly if a student knows where they need to improve. What are the difficult topics? And which sections require more assistance?

Mock tests can assist in determining this. These can aid in your self-analysis. You can identify your concepts’ weaknesses and strengths. This can also help you plan a strategy for which questions to attempt first so that you don’t waste time and remain focused throughout the exam.

How to Appear for SMAT Mock Test?

Candidates who have understood the benefits of taking the mock test but are unsure how to take the SMAT Mock Test 2023 can follow these simple steps:

  • To begin, you must go to the official SMAT Kerala website.
  • Find and click the ‘SMAT Mock Test 2023’ link on the university’s home page.
  • To access the test link, you must first enter your login information.
  • Once you’ve entered your information, click the ‘Sign In’ button to access the ‘SMAT Mock Test 2023’.

Things to Keep in Mind 

While taking the SMAT Mock Test, certain guidelines must be followed. As a result, candidates should ensure that they follow the tips given below to gain the utmost result 

  • It is essential to practise mock tests like real exams.
  • One practice test will not suffice! Ensure you practice enough mock tests to reap the full benefits.
  • It is generally recommended that you take 8-10 practice tests well before the actual exam.
  • It is therefore recommended to take computer mock tests, where markings and assessments are done to the same norms as real exams and no cheating is permitted!

Practising mock tests in this manner will not only provide you with the most benefit but will also improve your performance on actual exams.


What is the duration of the SMAT mock test?

There is no fixed duration for the mock test. It is taken as a real test so that you can test your preparation at right time. So, take a similar time as the SLET exam duration.

Is there any negative marking in the SMAT 2023 Mock test?

Mock tests do have negative marking but it does not effect them majorly. However, it help to predict your overall score.

What is the benefit of Solving the SMAT Mock test?

The major benefit of solving SMAT Mock test are mentioned below;
(1) Good way to examine your performance.
(2) Can figure out your strength and weakness

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