JK SET Score vs Percentile: How to Calculate Them

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JK SET Score vs Percentile

JK SET Score vs Percentile: Scores and percentile are two easy to calculate the JK SET marks. The JK SET exam is divided into two papers: Paper I and Paper II. Paper I consists of a total of 100 marks and Paper II consists of 200 marks. Candidates are given scores out of a total of 300 marks. The JK SET 2023 will commence on 1st October 2023.  

The University of Jammu annually recruits eligible candidates for the role of assistant professor in government universities and colleges of Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir. JK SET is also known as LASET and is the abbreviation for the Jammu and Kashmir State Eligibility Test. In this article, we will discuss what is JK SET Score vs Percentile and how to calculate them.

Full FormJammu and Kashmir State Eligibility Test
Total PapersPaper IPaper II
Organised byUniversity of Jammu
Total Marks300
Selection ProcessApplication ProcessWritten ExamCounselling
LocationLadakh, Jammu and Kashmir
Official Websitehttps://admin.jammuuniversity.ac.in/

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JK SET Score VS Percentile

Scores in the JK SET papers are given out of 300: 100 in Paper I and 200 in Paper II. In Paper I of the JK SET, there are a total of 50 MCQs, each having a weightage of 2-mark. Whereas, in paper II, there are a total of 100 MCQs, and each question carries a 2-mark. This means that each candidate’s final score will be measured out of 300: Paper I + Paper II.

JK SET percentile is calculated out of 100. Percentile refers to the statistical measure indicating the relative position of a particular score within a distribution. If a student’s total exam score is at the 75th percentile, it means that their score is higher than 75% of the scores in the distribution.

Consider this example: Candidates belonging to the General category must secure a minimum of 40% marks in both papers. It means 40 marks in Paper I + 80 marks in Paper II. This will sum up to 120 out of 300. 

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How to Calculate Score VS Percentile

To calculate percentiles, scores are arranged in ascending order and positions of a specific score are determined within the distribution. Here’s a simple formula with which you can easily calculate the percentile rank:

Percentile rank = (Number of scores below any given value/ Total number of scores) X 100

Here’s an example: Suppose a candidate scores 200 in the JK SET and wants to find his/ her percentile rank of 150 and he or she wants to determine the 130 scores below 150, then the percentile rank would be as follows: (130/200) X 100 = 65%.

Scores and percentile ranks are used to determine or evaluate information about any data. Scores give you the actual values of individual observations, whereas percentiles provide a relative measure of where a score stands within the entire distribution. Percentiles are particularly useful for comparing scores and understanding their relative standing in a dataset.


What is the full form for the JK SET?

Jammu and Kashmir State Eligibility Test is the full form for the JK SET. This is a state-level entrance exam, which is organised for candidates who are interested in becoming assistant professors in the institutions of Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir.

What job positions are offered through the JK SET?

The JK SET/ LASET exam offers the position of assistant professor in universities and colleges affiliated with the University of Jammu. Candidates who are interested in becoming an assistant professor and possess the requisite qualification can apply before the application deadline.

What is the JK SET selection process for 2023?

The JK SET selection process for 2023 starts by applying for admission online. Candidates need to fill out the application form online, and then appear for the JK SET/ LASET offline and counselling process.

The JK SET selection process includes the online application process, written exam and counselling process. We have discussed all these stages in brief in this article.

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