How to Attempt the Logical Reasoning Section of IPMAT? Tips, Types of Questions, and Practise Questions (Download PDF)

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How to Attempt the Logical Reasoning Section of IPMAT?

How to Attempt the Logical Reasoning Section of IPMAT?: The Logical Reasoning section is an essential component of the IPMAT (Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test). It assesses the candidate’s ability for logical interpretation and analysis of data. A planned preparation plan is essential for achieving good scores in the IPMAT Logical Reasoning section. We’ll review some essential preparation strategies in the blog post to help you ace IPMAT Logical Reasoning. 

How to Attempt the Logical Reasoning of IPMAT?

Candidates must prepare for the exam thoroughly and efficiently. Some basic strategies to start form are mentioned briefly below: 

Step 1: Recognize the Exam Pattern

To begin with, make sure you fully comprehend the IPMAT exam pattern for the logical reasoning portion. Learn about the types of questions that are asked, the number of questions, and how much time you have to solve the section. This will help you understand exactly what to anticipate in the IPMAT exam.

Step 2: Study the Basic Fundamentals

Build a solid foundation of principles in the logical reasoning section. Recognize concepts like coding and decoding, blood ties, seating arrangements, instructions, riddles, logical inferences etc. Practice answering several questions kinds on these subjects.

Step 3: Practice Frequently

The secret to developing your logical reasoning abilities is consistent practice. You should complete a range of logical reasoning exercises from sample papers, mock exams, and previous year’s examinations. This will increase your accuracy and speed while acquainting you with various question formats.

Step 4: Learn Time Management

There is a time limit on the IPMAT exam, therefore time management is essential for students. Within the allotted time, practice answering questions with logical reasoning. To replicate exam conditions, set a timer and focus on increasing your speed without sacrificing quality.

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Top 6 Strategy-Based Tips to Attempt Logical Reasoning Section

To achieve a good score in the IPMAT Logical Reasoning part, one must plan and practice regularly. To strengthen your logical reasoning abilities and do better on the test, pay attention to the listed below essential ideas. One must have a good outlook to efficiently manage time, and remain focused. It is possible to succeed in IPMAT Logical Reasoning and get the scores you want with commitment to practice and hard work. Some tips to enhance your logical reasoning section: 

Boost Your Analytical Ability

Strong analytical abilities are necessary for logical reasoning. Develop your skills in data analysis and interpretation, pattern recognition, and deductive reasoning. Take part in activities that enhance your capacity for critical thought and problem-solving.

Examine and Take Notes on Errors

After completing the practice questions and the mock exam, go over your responses carefully. Recognize the answers to the questions you didn’t get right. Acknowledge your errors so that you don’t make the same ones during practice sessions later on in the examination. 

Focus on Accuracy and Speed

The IPMAT exam requires careful time management. Concentrate on raising both your accuracy and speed at the same time. You may retain a high degree of accuracy while answering questions rapidly by practising frequently.

Create a Methodical Approach

Create a methodical strategy for answering logical reasoning problems. You must determine which actions or approaches are most effective for you. For instance, you might decide to thoroughly study the question, consider the information provided, rule out choices, and finally determine the right response. 

Resolve Puzzles and Brainteasers

Playing puzzles and brainteasers is a great approach to improving your ability to think logically. Regularly solve puzzles like sudoku, riddles, and other mind-twisting activities. These mental exercises help you become more effective at solving logical reasoning questions. 

Acquire Shortcut Methods

In the IPMAT exam, time is of the essence. Acquire shortcut methods to answer logical reasoning problems quickly. Find recurring trends and tips that will enable you to save time without sacrificing accuracy. To become adaptive at utilizing these strategies during the test, put them into practice.

12+ Types of Logical Reasoning Questions in IPMAT 

The different types of logical reasoning questions for the IPMAT exam includes:

  • Assumption-Based Questions: To assess an argument’s validity, you must determine the assumptions that underlie it.
  • Flaw-Based Questions: These types of inquiries entail pointing out the flaws or shortcomings in a given argument.
  • Inference-Based Questions: These questions ask you to infer meanings from the arguments presented.
  • Strengthening-Based Questions: These questions compel you to find fresh proof for an argument’s conclusion.
  • Conclusion Based Questions: Consider the conclusion questions, which ask you to judge whether the conclusion of an argument is valid.
  • Point of Controversy-Based Questions: These inquiries seek to pinpoint the primary point of contention in a debate.
  • Agreement-Based Questions: These questions ask you to pinpoint the primary area in which an argument is in agreement.
  • Primary Point or Conclusion-Based Questions: The purpose of these questions is to determine the argument’s primary point or conclusion.
  • Parallel Reasoning Questions: In these questions, you are asked to find arguments that share the same weaknesses as a particular argument.
  • Method of Argument-Based Questions: These inquiries centre on the line of reasoning employed in an argument.
  • Role of Statements Based Questions: These questions determine what part a statement plays in an argument.

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Logical Reasoning Practise Questions (Download PDF)

Download the PDF and find some basic logical reasoning practice questions for any exam. 

Source: CATKing,in

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What is the main purpose of the IPMAT exam?

The IPMAT exam is a gateway for candidates to study in the prestigious five-year Integrated Program in Management (IPM) offered by multiple IIMs.

How to solve logical reasoning questions in the IPMAT exam?

Some basic tips to solve reasoning questions are reading and understanding the information carefully, analyzing the critical information provided and thinking of all possible solutions. Additionally, one must think of all possible solutions and compare with other obtained possibilities. 

What subjects are covered in the IPMAT exam?

The IPMAT exam covers subjects like logical reasoning and quantitative ability and verbal ability. 

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