What is the Full Form of SST?

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sst full form

SST stands for Social Studies in the Indian Educational System. Social studies is a discipline of education that encompasses the majority of fields linked to mankind, social science, and so on. The primary motivation for including social studies in the educational system was to raise awareness about many fields, integrated behavior, distinctive mythology, coherent communication expertise, and a focus on the analysis of various social problems.

Importance of Social Studies

Social studies are not only a subject but also a method for improving behavior. It is critical to get an understanding of social studies. The following are some of the primary advantages:

  • It improves reading and learning. Furthermore, it improves an individual’s critical thinking.
  • It educates about a citizen’s responsibilities and values in society.
  • It raises awareness of diverse cultures that are not commonly encountered.

Themes of Social Studies

The National Council for Social Studies has proposed ten social studies themes based on human experience and its effects on society. The following are the themes:

  • Culture
  • Time, continuity, and change
  • People, places, and environment
  • Individual Development and Identity
  • Individual groups and institutions.
  • Production, distribution, and consumption
  • Global connections
  • Power, authority, and governance
  • Science, technology, and society
  • Civic ideals and practices

Other Full Form of SST

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