What is the Full Form of DCP?

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full form of DCP

The full form of DCP is Deputy Commissioner Police. It is a post similar to the Superintendent of Police in metropolitan cities. DCP is the in-charge of the district police and a head of criminal administration. A DCP manages various tasks and also maintains, directs and controls the actions of the police. It is also the responsibility of a DC to oversee and supervise the actions of the police and serve as the head of the criminal administration.

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What Does a DCP Do?

The following are the roles and responsibilities of a DCP:

  • DCPs are responsible for upholding law and order
  • They hold hearing revenue cases in the metropolitan areas of India
  • To guide and manage the behaviour of the Indian police officers to fairly uphold and enforce laws for the public
  • They are responsible for defending internal security in order to stop terrorist attacks, societal unrest and other activities related to internal security
  • A DCP also fosters and upholds a sense of security in public areas and minimize conflicts and foster amity

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How to Become a DCP?

The following are the steps to become a DCP:

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India
  • To be eligible to become a DCP, one must a civil service exam with high grades
  • Age of the candidate must be between 21-32 years
  • Once the candidate is qualified for the position of IPS officer, they can become DCP and the selection is based on exam scores
  • A DCP must have experience serving as an IPS officer for six to seven years

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