What is the Full Form of ASCII?

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full form of ASCII

The full form of ASCII is American Standard Code for International Interchange. It is managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), founded in the US. ASCII is an outdated technique name categorised under the ISO 646 series. It consists of a set of system-predefines typographic symbols. It is a character encoding system used in computers, electronic devices and other related hardware. Text is displayed using it on various devices.

Data can be transmitted via a network with the user network, used by all systems to describe different messages. It also satisfies one of the IEEE benchmarks. ASCII contains numeric values from 0 to 127 and total of 128 English characters.

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What are the Features and Benefits of ASCII?

The following are the features and benefits of ASCII:


Encoding characters in the ASCII are not the best and are currently being replaced by Unicode character sets

ASCII is used by software systems based on DOS and UNIX unlike Windows OS, which uses distinct Unicode


  • It can collect characters from numerous languages
  • Characters of languages have characters longer than 250 figures in length can be collected
  • A tremendous amount of space is unused because there are so many characters in Unicode

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What are the Limitations of ASCII?

The following are the limitations of ASCII:

  • It contains alphanumeric characters and employs the English language
  • It requires a smaller region compared to Unicode as it can only support up to 250 characters
  • English is the only language used by ASCII
  • When a Unicode test is read into ASCII it does not render the characters appropriately

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