What is the full form of MOV?

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mov full form

The full form of MOV is a Metal Oxide Varistor. Technology professionals regularly interpret acronyms and abbreviations. “MOV” is a three-letter term that frequently baffles people among the plethora of technical terms that one may encounter in the field of electronics and circuitry. So, what is MOV’s precise full form?

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Metal: The “M” in MOV represents the material used in this component. A combination of zinc oxide and other metallic elements typically makes a special type of resistor.

Oxide: The “O” in MOV stands for “oxide,” indicating the presence of metal oxides in the device’s composition. These metal oxides are crucial for the component’s electrical properties.

Varistor: The “V” in MOV represents the word “varistor.” A varistor is an electronic component that exhibits a non-linear resistance-voltage characteristic. In other words, it changes its resistance with variations in voltage. MOV’s purpose is to quickly change their resistance when exposed to high voltage spikes or transient overvoltages to protect electrical circuits. This protects connected devices by diverting excessive voltage away from them.

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In simpler terms, an MOV is a protective device used in electrical circuits to safeguard against sudden voltage surges, such as those caused by lightning strikes or power supply issues. It acts as a voltage-dependent resistor, allowing normal voltage levels to pass through while diverting or dissipating excess voltage.

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Now that you know what the full form of MOV is, the next time you encounter the term “MOV” you’ll know that it refers to a “Metal Oxide Varistor”. It’s a small but significant component that plays a big role in keeping our electronic devices safe from unexpected power surges.

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