12 Interesting Facts About Train That You Need to Know!

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We all have, at least once in our lifetime, travelled in trains or at least have seen it. Other than trains being used to transport goods and passengers from one place to another, we rarely know anything about trains. Well! This article will help you dig deeper into some amazing facts about trains you would have never known before. 

Facts About Trains 

What we know of trains is that these are surprisingly efficient and eco-friendly modes of transportation. 

Here are some other  interesting facts about trains:

  1. One train car can carry as much cargo as 3-4 trucks! This significantly reduces traffic congestion on highways.
  2. Trains are fuel-efficient, emitting up to 75% less carbon footprint than trucks. Who knew this fact about trains that they would be so much more efficient? They move a significant amount of freight (40%) but are responsible for only a small fraction (2.1%) of greenhouse gas emissions in the US.
  3. Surprisingly, the railroad industry heavily invests in maintaining its infrastructure, spending six times more than the average manufacturer.

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  1. Modern locomotives are basically supercomputers on wheels. They process a massive amount of data (one billion data points per second!) to optimize fuel efficiency and operations. They even have “cruise control” to manage speed and fuel based on terrain and weight.
  2. Drones and other advanced technologies are used to inspect tracks and improve safety. It is not necessarily done only in India but in many other nations. 
  1. A single train car can be a trucking powerhouse, carrying the same amount of cargo as several trucks combined. This translates to fewer trucks on the road, reducing traffic jams and wear and tear on highways.
  2. The term “horsepower” was invented by James Watt as a marketing tool to sell his steam engines.
  3. America’s first steam locomotive lost a race to a horse. Ouch! That felt sad looking at the growth of locomotives now. 

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  1. Trains helped the North win the American Civil War by transporting soldiers and supplies. This fact about trains is for all history enthusiasts. 
  2. Abraham Lincoln’s assassination helped publicize train travel because his funeral train was widely reported on.
  3. Railroads have helped and led to standardized time zones in the United States.
  4. Today’s bullet trains can travel over 300 mph, which is much faster than the first steam locomotives.


Who built the first train?

Richard Trevithick built the first train. He was a British engineer who built the world’s first steam locomotive (1803) using high-pressure steam.

How fast can a train go?

Shared tracks limit passenger trains to 79 mph or less, with speeds rarely exceeding 90 mph

Why is a train called a train?

The word “train” has a surprising origin. It actually comes from a French word meaning “to drag” and originally referred to the long, flowing part of a dress that trailed behind the wearer.

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