What is the Full Form of MAB?

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The full form of MAB is Man and the Biosphere Programme. It is an intergovernmental scientific program that was launched by UNESCO in the year 1971. The primary aim of this program is to improve the relationship between people and the environment around them by providing a scientific basis. For this, the MAB improves human livelihood, safeguards ecosystems, and promotes innovative initiatives for economic development. After two years of the launch of MAB, the Indian government developed 18 biospheres throughout the country. 

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Objectives of MAB work?

MAB forecasts the aftermath of today’s actions on tomorrow’s world. It works towards the ultimate benefit of the human population as well as the environment. Here is what the objectives of MAB look like:

  • It encourages awareness about environment-related issues and provides effective solutions.
  • MAB aims to identify the changes occurring in the biosphere due to human and natural activities.
  • It investigates the interrelationships between ecosystems and socioeconomic processes.
  • MAB further works towards human welfare to ensure a liveable environment amidst rapid urbanization and industrialization.

How does MAB Work?

UNESCO provides a structure for MAB to help governments around the world design and execute a multitude of training and research programs. By forming MAB National Councils, all the participating countries aim to achieve maximum national engagement in programs. At this point, the MAB is being run by 159 National Committees including UNESCO’ 195 Member States and nine Associate Member States. 

MAB’s governing figure, also known as the International Coordinating Council, sets the ultimate agenda. The MAB committee includes 34 Members chosen specifically through UNESCO’s General Conference. Apart from this, the committee chooses five vice-chairmen and one chairman from the geopolitical members. 

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