What is the Full Form of MEA?

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What is the Full Form of MEA?
What is the Full Form of MEA?

The full form of MEA is the Ministry of External Affairs. The Ministry of External Affairs is the department in charge of carrying out the country’s foreign policy. The Minister of External Affairs, a Cabinet Minister, is in charge of the Ministry of External Affairs. 

The most senior civil servant in charge of the Department of Foreign Affairs is the Foreign Secretary, an Indian Foreign Service officer. 

How does MEA work?

The Ministry represents the Government of India through embassies, is in charge of India’s representation at the United Nations and other international organisations, and is in charge of advancing and defending Indian interests and influence around the world by giving other nations billions of dollars in development aid. Additionally, it provides guidance on foreign governments and institutions to other Ministries and State Governments.

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A relic from the British Raj, the Ministry’s original name was the Ministry of External Affairs and Commonwealth Relations. In 1948, the Ministry of External Affairs was given a new name. Until his passing in 1964, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru retained the position as an additional responsibility. Only then was a separate Minister with Cabinet status established.

The administration of the Naga Hills, Tuensang Area, Indian Emigration Act of 1923, Reciprocity Act of 1943, Port Haj Committee Act of 1932, Indian Merchant Shipping Act with respect to pilgrim ships, Indian Pilgrim Shipping Rules of 1933, Protection of Pilgrims Act of 1887 (Bombay), and Protection of the Mohammedan Pilgrims Act of 1896 (Bengal) falls under the purview of the ministry.

On January 7, 2016, the Ministry and the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs were combined. The decision, according to the administration, was made in keeping with its “overall objective of minimizing government and maximizing governance” and will aid in addressing redundancy and unneeded delays.

The Indian Foreign Service is entirely governed and overseen by the External Affairs Ministry, which also serves as the ministry’s cadre-controlling authority.

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