What is the Full Form of CSO?

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Full form of cso

The full form of CSO is Central Statistics Office. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is an Indian government agency that reports to the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. The Central Statistics Office is well-organized, and its graphical section is well-equipped. The CSO is known for coordinating all statistical efforts in India. The Central Statistical Officers will be in charge of managing the statistical standards in all of the country’s states. 

Operations of CSO

CSO is a statistical body best recognised for handling data from several departments within the Indian government. As previously stated, the major goal of a CSO is to administer and coordinate the country’s static standards; in this regard, we will now cover a few CSO functions below:

  • CSO is in charge of all National Income Accounting. 
  • CSO organises the annual survey of all industries in India, which is one of its primary operations.
  • They will also individually work on producing the index for every industrial production, ensuring that all data is well combined and stored. 
  • The CSO is also in charge of the Economic Censuses. 
  • The CSO will conduct an economic census survey, which will be followed up on a regular basis.
  • They research gender and environmental data.
  • The CSO is eager to revise the national industrial categorization. 
  • They plan to provide statistics training to all department officials. 
  • They also deal with the country’s human development statistics. 

Structure of Organisation

CSO, like any other government institution, has a suitable organisational structure as well as administration. The Director-General is in charge of the CSO. He is supported by 5 Assistant Director Generals and 4 Deputy Director Generals at CSO. 

CSO is supported by a large team that includes 6 joint directors and 7 special task officers. A separate team of 30 Deputy Directors oversees various departments with varying duties and responsibilities. There is a large support team as well as 48 Assistant Directors. 

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