Tbilisi State Medical University

Public University

Tbilisi, United States

Tbilisi State Medical University, one of the leading medical universities in the world, was established in 1917 in Tbilisi, Georgia, USA. In 1918, the faculty members of the Tbilisi State University presented the need for the medical faculty or institution in Georgia. In 1918, the board of the unive Read more

Highlights of Tbilisi State Medical University

  • TU has produced more than 40,000 Doctors in Eastern Europe.
  • TU is recognized by and affiliated with World Health Organization, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, European Commission for Education, and World Federation of Medical Education, International Association of Universities, European Universities Association.
  • TU operates the Science Direct, a platform of English-Dutch publishing house Elsevier for almost 2 200 academic journals and 25 000 emails.
  • TU, in collaboration with the WHO, founded HINARI for the purpose of free distribution of health management and biomedical literature in developing countries. Includes 7000 titles with free full text access to citizens of 109 countries.
  • TU also runs the 200 year old The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) which is the world's leading medical journal and website.
  • TU has managed to receive the research funding from over 3,500 government and private funding organizations .
  • Tbilisi State Medical University collaborates with more than 40 universities and centers around the world.

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