Top 10 World-Renowned University of Birmingham Courses you should Apply for!

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University of Birmingham Course

The University of Birmingham comes among the top-most universities in the world. It has been named and ranked continuously amongst the top colleges in the United Kingdom. Its teaching and research is at par and hence it gets a lot of international students every year. Moreover, the University of Birmingham courses are also pretty sought after all around the world while students can select from a vast range of courses. So let’s learn about the top University of Birmingham course(s)!


Reasons to Study at the University of Birmingham

Here are some of the top reasons why you should think about studying at the University of Birmingham!

  • One of the best universities in the UK as well as the world
  • Famous amongst international students with the university having 34% of its enrollments coming from around the world
  • It has given degrees to 1000+ Indian alumni
  • Currently, the university has 200+ Indian students in their undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

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Top University of Birmingham Courses you must Apply to!

If you are considering studying at the University of Birmingham, then you must know the areas and courses that it is famous for all around the world. We have curated a list of courses the university teaching is famous for according to postgraduate, undergraduate, and research degrees check them out!

Undergraduate Courses

Here are some of the undergraduate courses:

NameCourse Degrees 
Business ManagementBusiness Management with Marketing BSc
Business Management BSc
Business Management with Communications BSc
Computer ScienceComputer Science BSc
Mathematics and Computer Science BSc
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science BSc
Biomedical ScienceBiomedical Science BSc
Biomedical Materials Science BMedSc

Postgraduate Courses

Here are some of the postgraduate courses:

NameCourse Degrees 
International Business MBA International BusinessLLM International Business Law
ManagementManagement MScSupply Chain Management MSc
MarketingMarketing MScStrategic Marketing and Consulting MSc
Human Resource ManagementHuman Resource Management MScPublic Administration (Human Resources) MPA

Research Courses

Here are some of the research degrees:

NameCourse Degrees 
Built EnvironmetPhD/MSc 
Human Resource ManagementPhD
Doctorate of Business AdministrationPhD

Eligibility Criteria for University of Birmingham Courses

The students must check the exact or specific eligibility criteria for each University of Birmingham course that want to apply to on the official university website. The eligibility criteria generally include specific academic requirements that are listed against the programme entry in the course finder. Apart from this, the applicants will have to submit their English language proficiency test and scores. If the students want to check the minimum eligible scores for a specific course then they will have to visit the official university website.      

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Application Process 

To apply to the University of Birmingham courses the student should first visit the official website to find a course through the course finder. Each course may have a specifically designed application which the student will have to fill out. To do this, the applicant must create an account at the university portal and submit the application as well as the supporting documents. 

International students must keep some time and apply earlier because they will have to obtain a study visa. If there is a deadline given for the program that you have applied to, then it will be given on the official website of that program. 

After a student submits his application and it is processed by the University’s Admissions Office, it will be moved to the concerned department for their consideration after which they will inform you about their final decision. The decision will be one of the following, a conditional offer letter, an unconditional offer letter, or else a rejection of the admission. 

Documents Required

You will have to submit some documents if you want to study the University of Birmingham course. We have curated a list of the documents that the applicant must submit:

UoB Acceptance Rate 

The acceptance rate of the University of Birmingham is 13.54%. This may mean that it is hard to get admission to the university but it is not impossible. This acceptance rate indicates that around 13 or 14 students get accepted for every 100 applicants. The university has applicants from all over the world with at least 10,000 international students from 150 countries for a total of 30,000 student strength. So many international students make the atmosphere of the university culturally very rich making it a great place for Indian students to study!


1. What courses are at the University of Birmingham?

The university offers bachelors courses like Bsc, BA, Bcom, BEd etc. It also offers masters and PhD degrees. 

2. Is University of Birmingham good for Indian students?

Yes, University of Birmingham is definitely good for Indian students. It has provided education to more than 1000 Indian alumni. Moreover, currently, the university has admitted over 200 Indian students in their postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

3. Who can go UK without IELTS?

If the applicant has scored more than 65%  marks in 10th and 12th then the institution might consider taking them without IELTS.

Your study abroad dreams are waiting to be accomplished and we are here to help you do that. We hope this blog has cleared your questions about the University of Birmingham courses. Please connect to our study abroad experts at LeverageEdu if you want to know more information like this! 

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