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Global Talent Stream (GTS) of Canada is a fast track program created to attract highly talented workers in order to satisfy the demands of the Canadian labour market. IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is responsible for approving the work permit applications. This program offers faster processing for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and eventually the work permit. 


In this article, get to explore the requirements for eligibility, the application procedure, and the processing timeframes related to the Global Talent Stream. 

Application Process of Global Talent Stream Canada

Check below the process to apply for Global Talent Stream Canada:

  • Firstly, the employers should confirm that they meet all the qualifying requirements and have a clear idea of the post they want to fill before applying GTS.
  • Employers are required to apply for an LMIA with ESDC and must give details about the job, including the responsibilities, qualifications and recruitment activities.
  • Employers are required to submit a labour market benefits plan detailing their initiatives to support the labour market of Canada with their LMIA application.
  • The foreign employee may apply for a work permit after the employer gets a positive LMIA

List of Important Documents Required by Visitors and International Students at Airport

Processing Time of Global Talent Stream Canada

The two major factors affecting the Global Talent Stream Canada are the volume of applications and the importance of the case. These factors will decide how long it will take to process an application under the Global Talent Stream. LMIA under the GTS has an average processing time of 7 business days as of March 2024. A work permit will often be issued to qualified foreign workers in a few weeks, enabling them to begin employment in Canada right away.

Benefits of Post Study Work Visa

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