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List of Ontario Tech University Notable Alumni

Ontario Tech University, formerly known as the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, boasts a growing alumni network of over 27,000 graduates. Established in 2002, the university has quickly gained a reputation for excellence in science, technology, engineering, and education. But its impact extends beyond the classroom, with its alumni making significant contributions in diverse fields. Here, we explore the journeys of seven Ontario Tech notable alumni who are shaping the future. Read on to know more!


1. Kate Beirness

Kate Beirness

Source: Talent Bureau

A familiar face in Canadian sports broadcasting, Kate Beirness (Communication Common ’04) graduated from Ontario Tech with a passion for storytelling. Leveraging her communication skills, this Ontario Tech University notable alumni carved a path in sports media, becoming an on-air host for TSN. 

Her engaging personality and in-depth knowledge of various sports have made her a fan favourite. Beirness is a role model for aspiring sports journalists, demonstrating the power of combining clear communication with a love for the game.

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2. Dr. Naheed Dosani

Dr. Naheed Dosani

Source: SE Health

Another Ontario Tech University notable alumni that embody compassion and dedication. As a renowned palliative care physician, Dosani champions patient-centred care, focusing on comfort and quality of life for terminally ill patients.  

He is a strong advocate for improved access to palliative care and has been instrumental in shaping healthcare policies at the national level. Dosani’s tireless efforts ensure that patients receive the care and support they deserve during their most challenging times.

3. Khashayar Farzam

Khashayar Farzam

Source: CTV News Kitchener

Dr. Khashayar Farzam proves that excellence comes in many forms. A dedicated physician, Farzam is also a world-class powerlifter, holding several national records in his weight class and a place among Ontario Tech University notable alumni. 

He displays the importance of balance and resilience, inspiring others to pursue their passions while maintaining a demanding career. Farzam’s story is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication, showing that achieving goals requires commitment in both the physical and intellectual realms.

4. Vijay Thanigasalam

Vijay Thanigasalam

Source: Indo-Canadian Voice

Vijay Thanigasalam exemplifies the power of public service. A graduate of Ontario Tech’s IT program, this Ontario Tech University notable alumni transitioned to politics, becoming the Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for Scarborough-Rouge Park. 

Thanigasalam leverages his technological background to advocate for innovative solutions to community issues. His journey highlights the potential impact that technology-focused graduates can have on shaping public policy and serving their communities.

5. Curtis Carmichael

Curtis Carmichael

Source: www.curtiscarmichael.ca

Curtis Carmichael is a passionate educator, a budding entrepreneur, and one of Ontario Tech University notable alumni. This Ontario Tech University notable alumnus uses his innovative teaching methods to engage students and create a dynamic learning environment. 

Beyond the classroom, Carmichael is the co-founder of a successful tutoring company, demonstrating his commitment to education beyond the traditional school setting. His story displays the entrepreneurial spirit of Ontario Tech’s educational programs, inspiring future generations to think outside the box.

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6. Abbie Chaddah

Abbie Chaddah

Source: Ontario Tech Alumni

Abbie Chaddah exemplifies the impact that public health professionals can have on a global scale. Since graduating, Chaddah has worked tirelessly in various healthcare settings, advocating for preventative care and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Her dedication to public health extends beyond borders, as she has also volunteered her skills internationally. Chaddah’s story showcases the global reach of Ontario Tech’s healthcare programs and the university’s commitment to fostering socially responsible graduates.

7. Ryan Scrivens

Ryan Scrivens

Source: Neutral Zone

Ryan Scrivens may be best known for his stellar career as a professional hockey goalie. But Scrivens’ story extends beyond the rink.  He holds a dual degree from Ontario Tech, demonstrating his commitment to both athletic and academic pursuits.  

After retiring from hockey, Scrivens transitioned into entrepreneurship, launching a successful sports apparel company.  His journey highlights the well-rounded education provided by Ontario Tech, equipping graduates with the skills to succeed in diverse fields.

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Q.1 Is Ontario Tech University prestigious?

Answer: Ranked #2 in Ontario for Bachelors, the Ontario Tech University is considered prestigious, offering students a technology-centred learning environment.

Q.2 What is the minimum GPA for Ontario Tech University?

Answer: Generally, students must have a minimum B average, which translates to a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or 73-76%.

Q.3 Is Ontario Tech a public or private university?

Answer: Ontario Tech University is a public research university founded in 2002, with its main campus located in northern Oshawa.

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